How To Get Rid of Yellow Teeth?

As a popular saying “one can never be fully dressed without a smile”. So, a beautiful smile is part of stunning personality. But most of the adults ignore to smile, not because of their emotional blockage, but because they are embarrassed from their yellow teeth. White smiles are very important, so if some body is already having yellow teeth, then it is extremely important to do something about treating them. This article provides some basic tips for dealing with yellow smile.

Initial testing
At very first step, it is important to analyze the reason of your yellow smile. In some rare cases, you may possess teeth that have a yellow appearance since from the birth. In this case you can’t categorize your teeth as stained ones. But if your teeth were glowing white in childhood then you should take your stained teeth as a serious problem.

Reasons of stained teeth
Use of tetracycline (antibiotic) is noticed as a major reason of discoloration of teeth, particularly in children. Presence of excessive fluoride in drinking water is also responsible for the yellow teeth. But in common cases, yellow teeth are caused by drinks (coffee), foods and tobacco. All smokers will have yellow teeth because tobacco is a major component of cigarettes. Tea and soda are the drinks which are responsible for yellow teeth. Moreover, discoloration of teeth takes place as age increases.

Dental hygiene is the best precaution to prevent the stained teeth. You should brush three times a day. In fact you should brush after every major meal. You should go for dental cleanings at least once in a year.

Instructions to get rid of yellow teeth

Mouthwash– This is the easiest way to deal with yellow teeth. But a mouthwash is effective only if you have extremely mild problem of stained teeth, because whitening agents of mouthwash stay in contact with your teeth for very small period of time.

Whitening toothpaste– Many whitening toothpaste are available in the market. They are also effective against mild problems only. In fact they are more helpful in preventing the stain rather then removal of the stain.

Paint– These days many bleaching agents are available in the market. You are needed to paint these agents on your teeth and then give it some time to get set. But this method is very tedious for new users, because you can’t miss any part of the teeth, otherwise it will look artificial and ugly.

Whitening strips– Whitening strips also works on the principal of “paint on bleach”. But it is simpler then that one. Here strips will be thoroughly painted with the whitening agent, and you need is to place these strips on your teeth. These strips cost between $25- $50. But these strips can also have some side effects (pain in gums, over bleaching etc). So, you should not use these strips on a regular basis.

Blue light technology– Many teeth salons promise white teeth, on basis of this technology. The whitening procedure involves the use of hydrogen peroxide (belching agent) and blue light technology. This treatment is very efficient. It has no side effects ands the colors lasts for years. But this treatment is expensive; it costs between $450 and $ 600.

Keep one thing in mind, proper brushing right from the childhood can bring down the chances of having yellow teeth,so get into this habit from childhood.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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