How To Have A Wrinkle Free Skin?

In today’s world, the facial beauty is something every one is concerned about. It is said that first impression is always the last one and the first thing that we see in a person in is his/her face.

As youthful and younger looking skin has always been desired, wrinkle free skin care has always been a burning topic. Every thing in this world needs care. Our skin too needs care and attention to retain its beauty and youthfulness. We live in a scenario where there is pollution every where and this is not skin friendly.

One of the major skin problems is the problem of wrinkles. Our skin experience wrinkles when our skin looses its moisture, strength and elasticity.

The main cause of wrinkles is the excessive exposure of our skin to the radiations of the sun. Other factors which contribute to wrinkles are environmental pollution, eating tobacco and smoking. Collagen protein is mainly responsible for a youthful skin and above factors reduces it.

It’s always better to begin with wrinkle free skin care at an early age because it is easy to protect the beauty of the skin but not to regain it. There are umpteen ways of retaining the glow of facial skin. There are available medical treatments, home made treatments and much more to have a wrinkle free skin.

One should make a daily routine of exercise which will help in increasing flow of blood to the skin. We should always use natural skin care products like creams and lotions as these products do not have any side effects.

We should make a habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day as it cleanses our skin. Excessive use of cosmetics should be avoided. We should eat maximum fruit and green-leafy vegetables. Our diet should be rich in vitamins C and vitamins E as these protect our skin from detrimental effects of free radicals. Our life style has a great deal of effect on our skin. We should try to be active in our daily routine, should take sufficient sleep and try to make life stress free. Eating chocolates can help in getting a wrinkle free skin as it has anti aging effects on our skin.

But if any one is using some non-natural cosmetic creams, then those products must have the following elements:-
1. DMAE (Di-methyl Amino Ethanol Bitartrate)
2. Vitamins A and C.
3. Alpha lipoic acid.
As mentioned above, exposure to sun is the major cause of skin wrinkles, so cover your self while you are out in the sun. Applying olive oil soothes the sun burnt skin.

If you are going for a skin treatment from a doctor, always go for non surgical treatment. The following are its benefits over surgical treatment.
1. Safe and painless.
2. Inexpensive unlike Surgical treatments.
3. No injections or surgery and the most important point is
4. You can go anywhere after the treatment, no down time.

Now time for some tips on diet.
1. What ever hot drink you take in morning, just add honey to it.
2. Endeavor to have fresh peaches and apricots after dinner.
3. Eating carrots help in wrinkle free skin care.
4. Drinking fruit juices will help.

It is said: incomplete knowledge or a myth can be dangerous. Now get some myths out of the way.
1. Most of us think that all soaps are harsh on skin. Actually, the soaps with pH between 9 and 10 will have harsh effect on skin. So use soap with pH=7 (neutral) which will be mild to skin.

2. Another myth is regarding the change of soap every season. Most of us think that we must change our soap every season but there is no need to change your soap if you have been using a mild one as mentioned above.

3. We think that baby soaps are very mild in nature but not all baby soaps are mild. They may be alkaline (i.e. pH>7) and may cause skin rash.

A nice care of the facial skin can keep you away from wrinkles. If one can remove these myths from his/her mind regarding skin and apply measures mentioned earlier, then he/she can get a wrinkle free skin.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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