How To Impress A Man?

There are definite advantages to making an effort to impress a man, especially if the woman has an interest in meeting a particular member of the male gender. Many of the actions and words that work for a man in attracting the attention of a woman will also work in the other direction.

Basically, a woman who wants to make a positive impression should first set her mind on the fact that she will have only one chance to make a first impression. That’s why some time and effort should be put into projecting the correct image, both in physical appearance and in actions.

A genuine smile will go a long way toward impressing a man. So will a neat and attractive appearance. Excessive types of clothing and over-acting might serve to get the man’s attention but these aren’t good building blocks for a long-term relationship.

Men are particularly attracted by, and pay attention to, a woman’s hair. Most men prefer longer hair on women, but the truth is that women can show they care about themselves and the impression they make by paying attention to the cleanliness and shape of the hair. Too much hairspray, color or artificial look will ultimately be a “turn off” for most men.

Men are also attracted to confident and intelligent women but in many cases the woman should not try to out-do the man in this way. In recent years, more and more men are drawn to a woman with whom they can have at least an equal partnership, with interests shared equally during social time.

Men also enjoy being in the company of a woman who will listen as much as she talks. Solid personal relationships are built on being genuine. When either individual has something to say the other person should honestly focus on what is being said and respond with true interest and questions that lead to openness and honesty.

Women are generally interested in men who are taller, physically attractive and comfortable financially. But this doesn’t mean that a woman should go overboard in trying to attract a man with a lot of money and movie-star good looks. Some women would be surprised to know that men are often attracted to and impressed by women who seem comfortable and confident in themselves without seeming to chase the man’s wealth or possessions.

A woman may rightfully seek a man who can provide for her but she may want to show him that she is rather independent when necessary. Men don’t often gravitate toward the needy and clinging type of female. A woman is more likely to be successful in impressing a man if she dresses, talks and moves comfortably, with a minimum of pretense.

It is traditional for the man to provide transportation and the money to pay for a social outing such as dinner. If this seems to work for both people the woman should make it a point to show her appreciation. However, it’s best not to overdo it when saying please and thank you. Keep the interaction at a comfortable level, look as attractive as possible and be yourself. Try it, it works!

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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