How To Stop Nausea?

Nausea is actually a very uncomfortable sensation and it can be triggered by many causes like viruses, some medications, pregnancy, travel, chronic indigestion and because of some other diseases. Before adopting a particular treatment against Nausea, it is extremely important to understand the reason of Nausea. Event of Nausea should never be ignored because it can be a call of some serious illness, especially when symptoms of nausea include abdominal pain, high fever, vomiting etc. If your nausea is shoeing any of these symptoms then you should immediately consult a doctor in order to get a suitable prescription of a treatment. But once if you come to know that your nausea is not because of some serious illness then you can try your simple home remedies in order to deal with it. Some simple treatments to stop the nausea are given in this article.

Drink a glass of Flat, Clear, Carbonated Soda
stop-nauseaYou must be known with the fact that some regular cold drinks can help you top deal with the nausea, but clear carbonated soda can help to end the indigestion and other stomach problems. Simply, open a can of the soft drink (sprite) and place it in your refrigerator, allow it to loss its fizz and then sip it slowly. This will treat your nausea.

Try to use the power of Acupressure
Very less people know that nausea can be treated by pressing the specific portions of the hand (between the index finger and thumb). To efficiently use this technique of acupressure you should apply the pressure for more then a minute. This is very efficient, simple and easy technique that is helpful for many people.

Eat Something Salty
If you are suffering from mild nausea then you should eat something salty from your kitchen. This helps in reducing the symptoms of nausea.

Try a chewing gum
It has been observed that sometimes a chewing gum (peppermint gum) is also able to stop the nausea. If you are not available with the peppermint gum then you can also try a tea that is enriched with some peppermint extract.

Ginger treatment against the nausea
Ginger is one of the best cures against the nausea. But it is very uncomfortable to eat raw ginger during the strike of nausea. So, the best way to consume the ginger is to take the ginger capsules (2 or 3 at a time). Ginger is also effective against the symptoms of motion sickness and chronic indigestion.

Extreme remedy
If all above mentioned remedies are not effective in your case, then you should try some anti-nausea medications that are available in the market. But before using these medications you should consult a doctor for getting appropriate prescription.

Last resort against the nausea
Sometimes vomiting is the only relief against nausea. So if everything else fails then you should allow yourself to do vomit. This is an immediate relief. By following the above mentioned remedies you can easily claim relief from the nausea.

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