How To Take Care Of Dry Scalp?

In today’s world of fashion and trends, hairstyle is the thing every one is concerned about. In market, we have hairstyle gels and creams for better and prolonged hairstyle. But what if some one has a dry scalp?

Let us start discussing about this problem of dry scalp. It causes itching, flaking and also results in hair loss. It also causes dandruff. It can lead to inflammation of scalp, sores and lesions too in worse situations.

Let us discuss some of the main reasons for dry scalp.

1. If one is more exposed to sun light, then that sweaty dryness can cause the problem.

2. Food allergies too can affect us in this way.

3. We use umpteen kinds of shampoos and products. We use umpteen kinds of shampoos and hair products. Those containing chemicals like BETINE SULPHATE, SODIUM LAURYL and PHTHALATES can cause drying rashes on our scalp, along the neck and even around the eyes, thus causing itching and flaking of scalp.

4. Prolonged use of gels, sprays and creams can cause a change in the natural pH of the scalp.

5. Hard water too can result in a dry scalp. Hard water if used while treating your hair with some shampoo recommended for your dry scalp will affect the working of that shampoo.

6. The sebaceous glands secrete oils essential for healthy hair and scalp. A diet which does not provide essential nutrients for these glands to work properly becomes the reason for dry and itchy scalp.

7. Dehydration too can lead to this problem.

8. Pollution and environment.

Now out of the above mentioned causes, some are like which we cannot prevent and cannot do any thing regarding them. Problem of hard water is one of them. Although we can reduce the hardness of water but still in practical we cannot do any thing regarding it. We cannot reduce the environmental pollution and cannot avoid stepping out in such an environment. But we definitely can do something about other mentioned problems.

First of all, we should not scratch our dry and itchy scalp as it can cause infection. We should not play negligence in reading the components of shampoo. We should not use those shampoos containing the compounds mentioned earlier.

We must treat our hair regularly with a mild shampoo but should not over do it. While choosing the shampoo, we must take care of the following point:-

1. It must contain the following ingredients:

a) Tea Tree Oil:- It has a restorative effect on our scalp infection and removes other skin disorders too.

b) Shea Butter:- It has a moisturizing and soothing effect on our scalp skin. It helps in better capillary circulation.

c) Urea:- It has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, thus helps in fast recovery of dry, itchy and flaky scalp.

Talking about the ongoing trend of stylish hair, it is advisable not to color one’s hair. One should also avoid straightening of his/her hair. But still we must use a natural shampoo as it has no effect on pH of the scalp unlike most commercial shampoos. Our shampoo should be very gentle and mild to our skin.

We must avoid hot water and use cold or lukewarm water for bathing as hot water can damage our epidermis (outer most layer of skin).

As mentioned earlier, loss of moisture from our hair causes dry scalp, so we must provide moisture to our hair. We must apply moisturizing lotions and oils to our hair to regain that moisture loss. In short, we should condition our hair. But one must not forget to wash his/hair after applying hair oil/lotion.

State of our immune system determines the state of our hair. We must take less spicy food which will help in boosting the immune system and hence will be beneficial to our hair. Further, one must avoid sugary and fatty foods too, reason being the same. Home remedies too can prove very effective.

Yoghurt if rubbed well after shampooing into the scalp and left for 10-15 minutes can solve many problems relating to scalp. It will give us problem free hair. Meditation too can come in handy as it keeps the stress level down and thus will be good for our immune system.

Actually, the problem of dry scalp is one which can be solved in umpteen ways. It is not at all difficult to cope with dry scalp. Just by taking precautions and applying some daily life tips mentioned above can keep your hair shiny and healthy and can give you itch-free scalp.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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