How To Throw A Successful Party?

What is the key to throwing a successful party? Just about everyone who has a positive experience says the key is planning, without being too controlling as the party gets underway. Most great parties have some foundation or guidelines, at least some good ideas behind them, with plans made well ahead of time. When party-planners make this extra effort they can step back and let things happen when the fun begins.

For adult parties, many advise that there is plenty of alcohol on hand. This doesn’t mean that the hosts should encourage over-drinking. It means that having enough party supplies on hand from the start removes the problem of running out of drinks or having to make an emergency trip to restock the bar. A good party usually is competing with local clubs and bars where there is always enough to drink, not to mention good music and even food.

Planning a successful party also includes have the right people attend and having enough people to make the mix work. Getting the people who will help create a party atmosphere is very important, perhaps one of the most crucial pieces to the successful-party puzzle. You want to make sure there are people at your party who enjoy good music, as well as people who can engage in interesting conversation. You don’t want to have someone who will kill the atmosphere. In Las Vegas gambling situations, this person is called a “cooler.” Some even suggest making sure there are more women than men, even if the number is only larger by one or two.

Remember that there is much more to a great party than having plenty of alcohol and a lot of beautiful people. The atmosphere must be right, with a comfortable level of lighting, colors and decorations in the right mix and so on. Some parties might be better started with good background music that can flow into louder dance music later. But if the party seems to be going well early, as people meet and greet with music in the background, don’t force dancing on the crowd. Let it happen more naturally.

Food is also crucial to throwing a successful party. Not only should planners have enough food for the number of guests, they should have slightly more than is needed. It is also important to have the correct kinds of food. This is crucial when there is alcohol present, because food reduces the chances of drunkenness and problems later in the night. While it may be tempting to serve complex and beautiful foods to impress your guests, the best idea is to stick with easy-to-eat finger foods, chips, small sandwiches etc.

One of the things that can kill a party atmosphere quickly is lack of restroom facilities. When guests have to be concerned about finding a restroom, they will not be able to concentrate on having fun. No one who plans a party wants to see guests running out of the room and going to another building or a nearby business to use the facilities.

These are just a few of the keys to throwing a successful party, but including every one will certainly take you a long way toward a memorable gathering.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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