Is AliExpress Legit?

If you’re wondering if AliExpress is legit, the answer is yes however there are several things you need to know before placing your first order. One of the most common scams involves sellers asking for payment by money order or another service that isn’t affiliated with AliExpress. If you see such behavior, report it to AliExpress. Here are some tips to help you avoid this problem. A good place to start is by reading AliExpress reviews.

Avoid paying for an order directly through money order or other service that is not affiliated with AliExpress

Payment for an order directly through a money order or other service not affiliated with AliExpress is not covered under the AliExpress guarantee. You should not confirm the delivery of an order before receiving it. If you find an item that appears to be cheaper than the competition, this is usually an indication of a counterfeit product or a scam. Be wary of orders that include hidden fees, such as shipping charges or customs/export taxes. Always check the shipping policy before confirming your order.

If you do not know how to properly return items, check the AliExpress policy to make sure you can return them. You can either return the item if it does not fit your expectations or if the product arrives damaged or not at all. You can even request a refund if the listing on the website is inaccurate or the product you ordered does not fit the description. AliExpress has a return policy to cover this, and it is free if you return the item within 15 days.

Avoid paying for an order directly through money order

Don’t pay for an item on AliExpress through a money-order! The seller isn’t paid until the buyer confirms the quality of the product. In many cases, this process could take days. However, there are some ways to avoid being scammed. First, check out reviews of the seller. It is essential to read seller reviews before making a purchase. AliExpress also does a monthly review of sellers.

If an AliExpress seller asks you to use a credit card or PayPal, you should avoid paying for the item directly through this method. This option can leave you vulnerable to scams and personal information theft. Additionally, it can rob AliExpress of the commission you should be paying. To avoid these risks, choose another method of payment. PayPal is safer than a credit card and offers great discounts. If your AliExpress seller doesn’t support PayPal, try using your Fly card instead.

Avoid paying for an order directly through credit card

To avoid paying for an order directly through credit card on your Aliexpress account, you can first set up an external bank account. You can then link the account to your Paypal account. Once you’ve set up a Paypal account, you can use the same card to make purchases on Aliexpress. Make sure to choose a secure site that doesn’t ask for bank account information. After confirming the payment, you’ll be asked to enter the three-digit security code. If you’re still unsure of how to proceed, you can link your American bank account with Paypal and use it to make purchases on Aliexpress.

It’s common to use your bank account when paying for an item on AliExpress, but this method has some distinct drawbacks. For one, there is a risk of formjacking, an online shopping scam that may involve stealing your credit card information. In addition to formjacking, you might be dealing with a reputable seller who has a good reputation. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to avoid a major headache and be able to shop in peace.

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