Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

Those were the golden days when everything was affable, population was under control, workload was less, people used to enjoy their work, there was no tension and they had free time to relax. In short, that was a halcyon period.

However, time changes, scenario changes and now the situation is what we see today. A comparison between old days and today will come out with a mammoth difference and this difference is the sole reason why people wish to get that heaven time back.

Today, the whole life has changed, life style, goals, everything changed. Money has become God for people and they spend their entire life in search of it, which ultimately is going to stay here only. It looks like man has forgotten this simple reason to live a simple and happy life. Today, every body lives a life full of tension, suicide cases are grossing and even people go mad when tension reaches the limit.

However, we still are alive and cannot say life is that much bad in spite of all the above-mentioned status of present life. It would be right to say: man has created problems for himself, but it would also not be wrong to say that he has done something good to himself. Man had become so gloomy that he was bound to invent an antidote to all the problems: LAUGHTER.

I think we all agree with the fact that no one really concerns with whom we laugh, we just laugh, that is it. It is a natural phenomenon, you just cannot stop it, it is a river, which flows without any restriction and bounds and somehow finds a way further. It is a herculean task to cease laughing and everyone experiences it, especially the students in the class of a strict teacher, is it right?

Laughter is a power in its self, it can turn tables. It makes life simpler, relieves stress. It is like a master key, fits every problem/stress and unlocks it to open the way to felicity. Laughter brings smile on a crying face and sometimes brings tears in eyes.

Laughter has proved to be of great value in medical treatment. Mostly people are advised (even prescribed) to be happy and there is no other way to be happy other than laughter. Where there is laughter, happiness blooms in the scenario and where there is happiness, laughter is bound to be there, it is language of happiness and it is communicable.

It is something to which no one says NO, but laughs, an antidote to gloominess, we can say it feeds on sadness. As light always overpowers night, laughter always creates a scenario of what we call life. We say life lurks behind facts, but sometimes a stupid tale can make one laugh more than a wit.
The one who know how to succeed in life knows only hard work and experience do not count.

Laughter is inevitable, but one has to bend his back to make someone laugh. At present, there are umpteen programs going on television showing stand up comedy. It seems to be very enjoyable and relaxing. However, for them, it is really a serious job. We should admire them, their talent and hard work they put in to make us laugh.

One thing to be kept in mind is to laugh with, not to laugh at. Humor is always enjoyed by everyone, but not black humor. Black humor may be humor for one but is irony for the other.

Therefore, when life gets boring and full of thorns of sorrow, it gets going. Only we have to make a decision whether we want to squat like Devdas or enjoy each and every fraction of life. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Only we humans have been endowed with power of laughter. Laugh, spread laughter but never make someone cry for the sake of your laughter.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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