James May: Our Man in Italy Release Date and Episode List

Grand Tour and former Top Gear presenter James May continues his journey across the globe to learn about the culture, architecture, and traditions of various countries. The first season took James to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. This time, he’s going to be exploring the birthplace of the racecar, Italy!

The second season was originally planned to be set in the United States of America but the Corona Virus brought a ton of issues with traveling and the logistics of the show and so plans had to be changed.

James May explaining why the Our Man series can’t be done in America for now and as well as dropping a few ‘subtle’ hints for the show’s new location

We’ve suspected that the second location was going to be Italy for quite some time now. But only yesterday did Amazon Prime Video UK and The Grand Tour YouTube channels release a trailer and a release date for the second season, confirming our suspicions.

James May: Our Man in Italy Trailer

Release Date and Where Can I Watch it?

As shown at the end of the trailer, James May: Our Man in Italy is set to be launched on July 15. Similar to Our Man in Japan, all the episodes will likely be released on the same day. So, you’ll be able to binge-watch all 6 episodes of the series on July 15.

Like the first season, the show will be exclusively available to stream and watch on Amazon Prime Video. You’ll also be able to find The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm there in case you’re interested in other Grand Tour-related stuff.

Episode List:

IMDB has revealed the names of all 6 episodes as well as in-depth descriptions for each one. They’re pretty spoiler-heavy though so check it out at your own risk.

1. God’s Apology

James starts off his Italian adventure in Sicily as he explores the unique fusion of cultures that have mashed together on the island. He’ll be learning about and trying out activities like Canoe Polo and bagpipes.

2. House of Pain

Taking place in the Italian mainland’s south, James will take a journey through the levels of Dante’s Inferno as well as… milk a goat?

3. Dark Matter

Here we see James diving into Italy’s capital, Rome. Join him as he explores the ancient and iconic landmarks sprinkled across the city.

4. Really, Really Nice Cheese

In this episode, James goes to Florence, a city after his own heart. If you’re also a man of culture and literature, you’ll love to see what Florence has to offer.

5. Hey Pesto

James is headed to the city of Carrara in central Italy to take a look at its famous white or blue-grey marble quarries. He also visits the Port of Genoa and the city of Turin.

6. Bye, Bim

The Italian adventure ends here as James travels to Milan, the country’s fashion capital for a makeover. He’ll also be going to Venice and the Dolomites in the last leg of his tour.

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