Kengan Ashura Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Plot and Trailer

Blood-boiling fights, brutal takedowns, merciless battles, and stunning choreography were the factors to which Kengan Ashura marked its bloody inception. A fast-paced, action pulpy anime series that depicts a grandeur tournament of trained fighters taking it out on each other with no regards for the sanctity of life, so that their boss might gain the rank of Kengan Association Chairman.

Kengan Ashura is written by Yabako Sandrovich, who enrolled in different martial arts at a very young age. Sandrovich tried his luck at the corporate man life but to no avail.

This eventually led him on a path of writing a web manga, Fist of the Seeker, which caught the eye of the editor, who gave him the opportunity to write Kengan Ashura. Dorameon took charge of the illustrations, and thus began the commencement of a highly competent martial arts manga, which would be considered on par with all time greats such as Baki.

The Kengan Annihilation Tournament

Kengan Ashura

Image: Larx Entertainment | OTAKUGO.NET

Since as far back as they could remember, the biggest tycoons of Japan held a tournament titled the “Kengan Annihilation Tournament”. This tournament provided the winning company’s CEO to be awarded the seat of Kengan Chairman- which is the embodiment of power in the modern business underworld.

Hence we find Yamashita Kazuo who is just an average salary man for the Nogi Group. His life changes when his fate has him meet Ohma Tokita, the “Ashura”, or known to him as the person who saved him from getting hospitalized by a thug. Ohma is scouted out by the Nogi Group CEO, Nogi Hideki, who witnessed Ohma beat one of their fighters. Through a bizarre turn of events Kazuo is deemed Ohma’s manager for the upcoming Annihilation Tournament.

Kengan Ashura

Image: Larx Entertainment

Fighters from across the globe travel to Japan for the tournament, each with unique abilities and a lifetime of training put in towards one goal- to win the tournament and declare themselves as the strongest.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 is in the Works


Image: Larx Entertainment

In 2019 the first season aired in two cours, with 12 episodes each. But here’s the thing, the manga is highly praised for its fight scenes, plot and stunning illustrations, whereas the anime failed to do justice to the visuals as the anime was CGI made. The CGI was appalling at times, but the story was so good that one just couldn’t leave it in the middle.

To be honest all hope seemed lost for a continuation in season 2, as there just didn’t seem enough of an audience. But gradually people came around and looked past the CGI. This boosted popularity slowly and then, all of the sudden an announcement was made by Netflix in March, 2022 that season 2 is in production. The studio remains unknown but fans are hoping this time around Kengan Ashura is treated spectacularly with a proper animation.

Did you know? Kadokawa just announced season 3 of KonoSuba! As well as a spin-off series!






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