Mushoku Tensei: The Anime that Redefined the Isekai Genre

Mushoku Tensei came out as last year’s most acclaimed release, winning multiple awards such as Anime of the Year. It surprised almost everyone who watched it, all owing to the fact that it was a refreshing take on fantasy, in a highly clustered category.

Get hit by a truck, get reincarnated in another dimension as an overpowered demi-god, this seems to be the platitude when it concerns any isekai title. Mushoku Tensei: Jobelss Reincarnation is one anime, that seems to have taken the fandoms by storm with its astounding approach to an isekai fantasy setting, finally shattering the shackles of banality that can be found within its genre.

Published originally as a web novel on the website Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2012 by Rifujin na Magonote, Mushoku Tensei was among the few Harem-Isekai novels that adapted towards world building with a solid plotline unfolding as well. It received a print the following year, with the artwork by an online Japanese artist Shirotaka.

Why it’s so good, and how it excels in every way a fantasy should

Rudeus Greyrat is the reincarnation of a 34 year old bum who was tired of living miserably by wasting away his days cooped up inside his room. As he witnessed a group of children in the path of a vehicle he saved their lives by shoving them aside at the last moment- this eventually led to his demise, and reincarnation as a newborn, that would mark a life of retribution for his past choices.

Mushoku Tensei review

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Mushoku Tensei’s characters are wholly unique, the anime portrays their feelings as if a real person and the bonds between the characters are truly felt by the spectator. “Rudy” as his parents would call him, displays stamina and raw talent like no other- though he is not overpowered in any sense. His family is that of a village noble and they are by no means any big shots, his father is a really sleazy person though. In his life , Rudy encounters sorcerers, demi-gods and beings of immeasurable power, making his adventures ever-changing.

The supporting characters like Roxy and Eris are blissful to watch, and their stories intertwine with Rudeus’s in a phenomenal way. Mushoku Tensei’s so enriched and well paced that the story which is filled with wondrous cities and dazzling fights leads to an exceptionally well tailored anime.

Seasons, Manga and Future

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Mushoku Tensei has been rocking since release and has amassed a total of 25 light novel volumes as compared to 17 Manga volumes. The anime ended with 23 episodes and another season is already in production due to the massive acclaim the first season received. A movie could also be possible due to the success of the anime, with the release date focussed somewhere around spring 2023.

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