Nier Automata to Receive an Anime Adaptation – Here’s All We Know

Nierwas introduced in 2010 as a spin-off game from the Drakengard series. After some acclaim a “Nier Automata” was revealed as the newest entry into the franchise. The world of Nier is derived from one of the aftermaths from the original PlayStation 2 game, Drakengard.

Nier Automata, released as a sequel to the original Nier- as well as Drakengard, portrays the events taking place in the lives of human made high-spec androids such as “2B” in a post-apocalyptic setting where extra-terrestrial machines invade Earth.


Image: Square Enix

Now in the year 11945AD, 2B, 9s, and other androids are tasked with protecting humanity. Thus, acting as the last line of defence for what remains of a once prosperous planet.

Nier Automata’s Anime Adaptation

The anime production company “Aniplex” announced through its Twitter account earlier this year that the heavy-hitter and shoot-em up styled video game Nier Automata is to receive an anime adaptation.

Though Nier Automata has not received a release date, our guess is that 2022 seems unlikely to be the year we can witness the proxy war on our screens. The anime is still possibly in pre-production stages, as to write a Nier type story for the making of an anime will certainly present itself as an arduous task.

Arduous due to the nature of the plot. The Nier franchise has always involved multiple choices, multiple endings, alternate timelines, and possibilities that are intertwined at every minor and major level. As we can see while paying the game that different paths lead to ever-changing realities, decayed worlds, or even prosperous lands that might result.

The game was satisfyingly long with its 25-30hrs mark for most gamers. Though surely the anime will be written in a way fitting the episodic schedule of channels. As to the number of episodes the mystery still remains ciphered, but a good guess is 13.


Image: Square Enix

What the animation Studio does with Nier’s credo, both as to the anime’s path and towards beguiling the spectator has proved to be a cause of fascination for the community.

For players of the game, it will be very exciting to witness androids interact with each other on an emotional level that can’t be presented in a simulation. The facial expressions will surely be a source of delight- if animated right.

There is one possibility that the anime might be CGI, which could prove true as the game does tend to lean on that side of the animation. The game itself has graphics already of an anime, so as to guess what we could be presented with in an anime directs our attention towards computer imagery. Hopefully that isn’t the case, as CGI has unanimously proven to be an undesired style of adaptation.

We’ll keep you updated if Square Enix teases anything related to the anime, till then you can check out this meme that’s is blowing up.

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