How To Ask Someone On A Date?

It may seem that this would be quite easy for anyone to do. But the truth is the person who can simply walk up to another individual and ask for a date is in rare company. A minority of people have this sort of self-confidence. When it comes right down to it, a simple question, … Read more

How To Attract A Woman?

When the wish and the goal are to attract a woman, no advice rings more true than “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” For this reason, your appearance and your first words should be as close to “right” as you can make them. This doesn’t mean you have to go … Read more

How To Impress A Man?

There are definite advantages to making an effort to impress a man, especially if the woman has an interest in meeting a particular member of the male gender. Many of the actions and words that work for a man in attracting the attention of a woman will also work in the other direction. Basically, a … Read more

How is Linux different from Windows?

There are many differences between linux and windows. Here are a few major differences 1. Linux is more secure than windows due to its open source nature. The bugs in it are fixed at faster pace than windows due to many teams all over the world work at same time unlike windows. 2. Linux is … Read more

Who Invented Marriage?

The institution of marriage predates recorded human history, therefore, it becomes impossible to ascertain who initiated or put forward the idea of marriage for the first time. The oldest historical record, which dictates marriage laws dates back to the Mesopotamians. These laws are to be found in the tablet called Codex Hammurabi (code of Hammurabi). … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Jealousy?

Jealousy can be a frustrating, maddening emotion. It’s also been described as one of the most confusing human emotions because we have negative feelings about someone else’s good fortune. While we will all feel some slight jealousy on occasion it is important not to let this emotion, this mind-set, limit us or stop us from … Read more

How to Get Rid of Shyness with the Opposite Sex?

There may well be several different types of shyness. Some people are hesitant about getting into a social group, such as a party. Others are shy about approaching a particular individual. Some people avoid interacting with others by hiding behind a book when others are around. But one of the most restricting types of shyness … Read more

How To Get Over A Break Up?

It may seem that there is way to get over a break-up with someone you really cared about. Moving on is possible if you allow yourself sufficient time, however. It may not be “easy.” In fact, the near future after a break-up will be very challenging at times. But you can survive it and get … Read more

How to Get Rid of Shyness?

What makes some people confident, allowing them to walk into a social or business setting and take part immediately? What makes others shy, so that they stand back or don’t speak up when they are in the presence of others? The answers to these questions aren’t completely clear. There is too much mystery in the … Read more