Today’s Wordle answer and hints for #754 on July 13, 2023

Wordle, it’s the name on everyone’s lips and the game that’s taken the world by storm! It’s a nifty little challenge, guessing a five-letter word, that’s got us all hooked. It’s simple but sneaky, and even if you’re a die-hard Wordle fan, there are days when that pesky puzzle leaves you stumped.

Not to worry, we’ve all been there! Some days, the answers are as tricky as a lock without a key, and sometimes, they’re just oddball words that sound more like a new planet than anything you’d use in a sentence. So, if you’re scratching your head in confusion, it’s no biggie!

Each day, we’ll be here to lend a hand with a hint or two. We won’t spoil the fun outright; we’ll start with a few breadcrumbs that might lead you to the answer. But if you’re really stuck, we’re here to help you keep that winning streak going. So, ready for today’s Wordle journey? Let’s get to it!

Throwback to Yesterday (#754, July 13)

Are you still replaying yesterday’s puzzle in your head? Well, the mystery word was WHIRL. But let’s leave yesterday behind and solve today’s enigma. Here are three tips to get you started:

  • The word is a doing word, or a verb as the language geeks call it.
  • It has something to do with moving, and not just any moving – think rough and forceful.
  • There’s a ‘B’ tucked away in there somewhere.

So, drum roll, please… today’s Wordle answer (July 13)

If you’re still puzzled, here’s one more clue for you. Today’s word has two vowels, and all the letters are unique – no doubles. If you’ve hit a wall, we’re here to break it down. Today’s word for the 754th puzzle on July 13 is…






Remember, we’re here every day to lend a hand with the Wordle puzzle. If you want to try tackling it solo, here’s a little insider secret – start with a word that’s heavy on the vowels. According to maths whizz Jonathan Olson, top picks for your first guess could be ‘Salet’, ‘Rance’, ‘Alter’, or ‘Crate’. So go on, give Wordle a whirl!

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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