Tokyo Ghoul: Why it Deserves a Long Overdue Remake

Tokyo Ghoul received an adaptation by Studio Pierrot in the summer of 2014, this happened 3 years after the Manga was established, marking the entry of a new type of shōnen into the anime industry, a sienen with a unique sort of dark tone.

Initially receiving praise for its eccentric take on the story and fantastic world building, Tokyo Ghoul seemed a success. Afterwards in the succeeding years that statement had been totally immobilized as the anime had strayed away from the manga, leaving the story unidentifiable, a clustered abomination resulted.

Tokyo Ghoul

Image: Studio Pierrot 

The fandom could not acknowledge that what the years had turned the anime into. At one front the manga was highly acclaimed with a rating of 8.52 on MyAnimeList, and on the other, the anime was barely clinching to the 6 mark! Well we’ve compiled what went wrong and what should you hope for when it comes to this enigmatic anime.

The Curious Case of Tokyo Ghoul

The culprit of the fiasco concerning how Tokyo Ghoul’s anime went right under was none other than the studio itself, Studio Pierrot.

Somehow the Studio got a go ahead to adapt about 120 chapters into 12 episodes, whereas normally you make 1 episode for every 1.5-2 chapters. Considering only that, one can guess that how badly the plot was massacred.


Image: Studio Pierrot

Tokyo Ghoul has 4 seasons, the first two were still watchable as they were sticking to the manga mostly, but season 3 and 4 were butchered by Pierrot. Tokyo Ghoul, which had the potential of being one of the best anime ever made, one with the potential of dethroning Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, had been stripped away of any hope of being even decently good.

Why You Should Still Give Tokyo Ghoul a Try

By that I mean the manga. You should definitely read the wonderfully crafted manga by Sui Ishida, the author. The manga has an in depth look at the world and characters are properly developed, unlike the ignorance towards the characters as seen in the case of the anime.

The story bases itself in Tokyo and it’s many districts, which are home to cannibalistic half humans known as “Ghouls”. Our protagonist, Kaneki Ken is an ordinary high school student, who keeps to his books and coffee. He is out of the blue asked on a date by a mysterious woman, Rize Kamishiro who he met at “Anteiku”, his local café, and had a crush on ever since.

Image: Studio Pierrot

Kaneki slowly realizes on the date that the sweet person he had taken Rize for, was in fact a Ghoul who just wanted to have him for dinner. As Rize tries to end Kaneki, a mysterious tragedy happens leaving Kaneki unconscious. When Kaneki awakens, he is told by his surgeon that to save his life he had been transplanted Rize’s organs- who is now deceased.

Kaneki later experiences hunger and painful changes, turning him into a hybrid Ghoul with only one red eye. He is later found by other Ghouls and taught to control his urges. So give Tokyo Ghoul a read to see how this kind boy turns into someone totally different, and what impact does his existence bring about the dreadful world full of hunters, abominations and deadly creatures.

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