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If you’re looking for the best fish pokemon, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about some of the most interesting new additions to the Pokemon game. We’ll be talking about Relicanth, Sharpedo, Wishiwashi, and Qwilfish. These newcomers have the ability to swim, which is one of the most important aspects of the game. If you want to learn how to use them, read on!


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A great choice in the Mega evolution format, Sharpedo is a hit-and-run type that can sweep the board in late-game. This fish has access to a variety of coverage moves, including Ice Fang, Rock Tomb, and Earthquake. It is also capable of using other special moves such as Poison Jab and Strong Jaw. The following is a breakdown of the best moves for Sharpedo.

First introduced in Generation III, Sharpedo is a water-type with razor-sharp fangs. Its dorsal fin was once prized as food, but now is extinct due to overfishing. The sharp blades of its fangs rip through steel and iron and can regenerate after an injury. Because of its combative nature, this fish can attack any ship, even the biggest ones!

While it is not one of the most popular Pokemon in the VGC circuit, Sharpedo packs a powerful punch in singles and doubles. It can also use Waterium Z to bypass Hydro Pump’s accuracy. However, the Speed Boost is generally useless compared to Life Orb, and it is only helpful if you are playing with Item Clause. As long as you play safe, you should be able to hold off Sharpedo while it’s still a viable threat.

This fish-like Pokemon was introduced in Generation III. It’s known for its large size, and can be found in many bodies of water. Its strongest stat is special defense. It’s weak to Electric and Grass-types, but not to Steel or Fairy-types. As an elite-level Pokemon, Sharpedo evolves into Mega Sharpendo. If you’re looking for the best fish Pokemon, Sharpedo will be a solid choice.


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Wishiwashi is a very cool Pokemon with the ability to drop Pacific on your enemies. Its stats are not very strong, however, and it is not a good tank. However, this Pokemon has stalling and a healing ability called Aqua Ring. With these, Wishiwashi can provide a trickle of healing every turn. The two of these abilities can work well together, especially when combined with the Choice Specs and Leftovers.

The Wishiwashi is the best fish Pokemon for those who want to play a role in fishing. As it has camouflage colors, it blends into the deep blue water and sunlit sky. The unique way that Wishiwashi has the ability to blend in is through its appearance. It can also make use of its ability to be a good forager, as it has the ability to eat anything in its path.

Though it has low base HP, Wishiwashi has a very high damage output and an excellent healing ability. It can heal up to 1/8 of the damage it takes and can even use the Leftovers and Rest/Sleep Talk move sets to deal even more damage. It also has a high special attack score, which means it does not require Calm Mind to perform effective attacks. There are a couple of ways you can use Wishiwashi in battle, but in general, he is the best fish pokemon.

While Goldeen and Seaking are two separate species, they have identical genders. The Wishiwashi’s unique ability to release a bright substance when threatened is what makes it so fascinating. Its ability to heal itself has become a very popular move in Pokemon games. This ability has been a popular choice in many tournaments for its versatility. Aside from a boosted attack speed, Wishiwashi also has the ability to use a unique attack style, a rare feature for a non-legendary Pokemon.


Qwilfish #211

The Qwilfish is a dual-type water and poison Pokemon introduced in Generation II. Although it is not known to evolve into other Pokemon, it does have a dual-type Dark/Poison regional form, the Hisui Qwil. Using the Barb Barrage move for 20 times in Strong Style will unlock this move for the Qwilfish. It is not an easy pokemon to catch, but it is not impossible.

The design of the Qwilfish is simple and straightforward, but it exudes determination and fierceness. Its eyes are elongated, its mouth is droopy, and its whiskers are curly. The emblem on its forehead resembles a crown. This is what sets it apart from other fish. The Qwilfish is a versatile Pokemon that can attack both human and monster Pokemon.

In addition to its offensive potential, the Qwilfish has some weaknesses. The weak Special Defense and low Speed limit prevent it from a useful tanking option. As a result, it must rely on teammates that have better matchups against these two Pokemon. Qwilfish also lacks defensive utility unless its health is replenished with Destiny Bond. This move has low defensive utility, but it is still very powerful and is often the first choice of many players.

The Torpedo-shaped shark was evolved from Carvanha at level 30, and its razor-sharp teeth are terrifying. It can speed through the ocean at more than 75 miles per hour. Its attack stats are 120, but its special attack is only half of the equation – it has a few weaknesses. However, it is also one of the strongest fish Pokemon. So, how do you train your Qwilfish to be the best?


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Relicanth is a dual-type Pokemon that was first introduced in Gen III. It has sturdy fins and hard rocky scales to withstand the intense pressure of deep ocean waters. Its name, Relicath, is a play on its discoverer’s last name. In Pokémon, Relicanth is a favorite of trainers due to its cool design and awesome alien appearance.

The Relicanth is the only fish found in the wild that has a Type that is not based on another type. It is found in the deepest parts of the ocean, and has a taste similar to craggy rocks. Relicanth’s Pokedex entry also states that its Typing makes it sturdier, allowing it to last for an extended period of time.

Relicanth has two main types of attack: Rock Head and Waterfall. The latter two types of attack can be used in battle, depending on the situation and the opponent. The latter two types of attack have different effect on Relicanth. Generally, you should go for a Relicanth with a Physical moveset if you are fighting against a Flying-type. You should also try pairing Relicanth with a Dragon-type like Venomoth or Bellossom, to create a remarkably strong and durable team.

Relicanth is a rare, ancient, lifeform of a fish. In R/S/E, it is an important tool in acquiring Elemental Titans. While it may not be the strongest, it still has a decent Attack and Speed value. In addition to being a great tool, Relicanth has great defensive potential as well. It is also a very useful Pokemon for catching other types of Pokemon.


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The most deadly of all the fish in Hoenn waters, the Carvanha is one of the most dangerous. Its teeth are strong enough to tear through most sailing ships. This is why it is also known as the Savage Pokemon. If you have a chance to catch a Carvanha, you can’t afford to miss. Here are some tips to use Carvanha to your advantage in a battle.

The first appearance of Carvanha was in the Ruby and Sapphire season, which introduced this dual-typed fish. The species is both water and dark-typed, and its base evolution is Sharpedo. It evolves into Sharpedo once it reaches level 30. Its pokedex classification is “Savage Pokemon.” The following Carvanha guide will discuss its characteristics and how to use them in battle.

The main drawback of Carvanha is that it is incredibly weak against Dark, Fire, and Ice types. It is also highly vulnerable against Psychic-types. Despite its great attacking potential, Carvanha is also extremely weak against defense. It requires good setups and needs to move fast in order to get an advantage. If the opponent’s strategy is not to use Psychic-type Pokemon, Carvanha’s weaknesses are even worse.

Using the Super Rod on Carvanha is the best way to catch one. The Super Rod can be found at the Fishing Guru, in Hoenn. The Super Rod has a 60% chance of catching Carvanha. It’s also 60% better than the Regular Rod, and you’ll have an increased chance to catch Sharpedo too. As with other fishes, you can use a Pokeball to catch Carvanha if you have a good rod, although it’s not very rare.


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