Top 5 Comedy Anime on Netflix

If you are looking for the best comedy anime on Netflix, look no further. Here are my picks for the best comedy anime on Netflix. These include Urusei Yatsura, Gin Tama, KonoSuba, and My Ordinary Life. Read on to see which ones I recommend and why! Let me know what you think! Let me know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the best comedy anime on Netflix!


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There are many reasons to love KonoSuba, God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World. This hilarious series is not the main course, but it certainly makes up for that with its hilarious plot. After a harrowing death on his way home from purchasing a video game, Kazuma Satou awakens in front of the goddess Aqua, where she offers him the chance to choose between two worlds: fantasy or reality. Kazuma chooses fantasy, and he finds himself in a world full of cliches.

There are many ways to describe the humor of KonoSuba. The main character, DanMachi, is a genius, and he is very funny. His world is very entertaining, and he never fails to make us laugh, no matter how bad the situation gets. As a bonus, DanMachi has some of the most intense action of any anime. Both series are highly recommended by fans. You can vote on your favorite ones or make your own list!

Gintama is a more established series of anime comedy. This show has hundreds of episodes, as well as a theatrical movie. Gintama is a good example of this, with numerous movies and OVAs. Gintama, which is more than 30 years old, pokes fun at shonen anime tropes. The best comedy anime isn’t necessarily a new series. But it’s still a top choice for fans of anime.

Another comedy anime is Double Life. This show is a slice of life comedy, but with a very interesting plot and more comical elements. It revolves around two otakus, Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji, who try to avoid being outed by the other. Double Life is a wonderful blend of adult plot and comedy. The show has something for everyone – comedy, drama, and action.

Urusei Yatsura

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If you’re looking for a great comedy anime series, you should check out Urusei Yatsura. The show is about a time loop, and its characters are caught in a time loop that is ruled by desire, trauma, and compulsion. In essence, this means that they can’t move on because they have to keep returning to the same time loop. It’s one of the few anime series that really makes you laugh out loud.

It is one of the longest comedy series, and it is also one of the most popular. While it’s a parody of Japanese culture, it’s also a self-criticism essay on Japan’s history. Its humor has become an important part of anime, influencing comedic styling and spawning numerous spinoffs. The storyboards were created by Mamoru Oshii, who also worked on the original comic books.

The comedic potential of Urusei Yatsura is endless, thanks to the ridiculous characters and situational situations. The samurai Champloo is a handsome pervert in denial of being a pervert, and the shy yet violent man hater shinobu is a troublemaker. There is also the flying imp baby who manipulates girls with his cuteness and a bipolar paranoid nutjob who sucks youth through a kiss.

The film Lum the Forever is arguably the best Urusei Yatsura film. This film is incredibly affectionate to its characters and setting, playing like a melancholy love letter to Tomobiki Town. It has long, detours into the lives of its inhabitants. In many ways, this should have been the series’ final installment. The final shot is the closest thing to a satisfying ending to the series.

Gin Tama

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Among the most entertaining and funniest anime series ever created is Dragon Ball Z. While there are a few other good comedies that make us laugh, this one takes the cake in terms of sheer fun factor. The characters are hilarious, the storyline is fantastic, and the OSTs are a delight. This series is a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy and Japanese culture, and the action and emotion are unmatched in anime.

While there are many good comedy anime series out there, none compares to Gin Tama. The animation is superb and the Sunrise studio has adapted the manga flawlessly. The facial expressions are particularly hilarious. The characterization of the characters is what makes this series the best comedy anime. Sorachi’s creativity shines through in the design of his staff and characters. While there are some flaws in the manga adaptation, the story has a unique and lovable quality that makes it worth the watch.

The third and final film in the series is a time travel story, bringing the characters back to their earlier lives. The villain in this film is called the Time Thief. Finally, the series ends with a rousing climax and is a must-see for fans of anime. There are a number of satirical nuances in this series that make it a must-watch.

While the series doesn’t often have a Christmas episode, it makes one. Gintama has a Christmas episode where the two main characters, Umibozu and Gin, dress up in Santa Claus costumes and compete to be Santa Claus. The episode is full of funny moments, but is often a little too dark for some viewers. However, this is a great way to celebrate the season while avoiding some of the most serious issues in the series.

My Ordinary Life

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If you like slice-of-life comedy, then My Ordinary Life is definitely worth checking out. The series follows three high school boys and their adventures. The series has a strong emphasis on relationships and follows the wacky characters as they navigate the high school scene. Despite the wackiness, the series is still a hit with the anime community. It blends ludicrous gags with a sense of moe sweetness and wit.

Nichijou: The series’ comedy is based on a manga series written by Yasunobu Yamauchi. The series follows a dorky trio throughout the school year. The show mines the youthful cluelessness of teen characters, as well as the absurdity of situations. Fans have nicknamed the show’s protagonists the Nichibros. In addition to Nichijou, this series is a favorite of manga fans.

My Ordinary Life: The series’ unique premise is based on a shoujo manga industry parody. The plot revolves around Umetaro Nozaki, a famous romance mangaka with a crush on Chiyo Sakura, a bubbly high school student with a massive crush on Nozaki. The show’s unique characters, along with its comic elements, make it one of the funniest comedy anime out there.

The series revolves around an android girl named Nano who is created by an 8-year-old genius. She is both happy and anxious, and is often a source of entertainment. During the manga series, she also has a crush on Kojiro Sasahara. Throughout the series, Mio and Yuko have to make each other happy. They also have two pet dogs, Oguri Cap and Pyon.

Summer Wars

If you’re looking for an enjoyable watch, I’d recommend Summer Wars. This anime has many similarities with Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo and focuses on a different type of battle. Both show us kids fighting a virtual enemy that can ruin the real world. Moreover, both series feature the same themes and the same type of action. Despite the similarities, Summer Wars offers more than meets the eye.

Summer Wars starts slowly, with some foul language and crude uncle jokes. However, it does pick up pace after a while. The story traces the journey of a malicious AI program that has escaped the virtual world of Summer, and the U.S. military purchased it from Natsuki’s adoptive uncle. While Summer Wars has its share of laughs, it also has its share of action. Characters fight and die and a lot of blood is spilt during these scenes.

Both Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time use similar animation techniques. It also incorporates World of Oz elements and a hint of romance. The animation and storyline of both films are entertaining, and both feature a large audience. Neither series is overly dark or overly sweet, and both are just as entertaining as each other. There is something for everyone in Summer Wars, but it isn’t an exceptional film.

In terms of the overall experience, Summer Wars is among the best comedy anime. It features beautiful visual effects, immersive fantasy worlds, awesome characters, and moral tales. The movie has a large cast of characters, including all of the Jinnouchi family. The characters are well-drawn, and you’ll be captivated by the action and characters. A few memorable scenes in Summer Wars include the family gathering, the titular “Summer Wars,” and the climax of the film.

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