Top 5 Romance Anime on TV Ranked

If you’re looking for the best romance anime on TV, then you’ve come to the right place! You can watch anime from your favorite studio right now! Here are some top picks. Enjoy! We’ve covered everything from Sword Art Online to Baka To Test, Toradora!, and Clannad: After Story. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to reading your reviews and comments!

Sword Art Online

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There are several reasons to watch the Sword Art Online anime. For one, this series features a romantic relationship that is full of ecchi. The romantic aspects of the anime are balanced by a lot of humor. Another reason to watch Sword Art Online is its diverse storyline. The story revolves around a boy named Takeo who is intimidating and goes head over heels for the dainty Rinko. To make matters worse, his best friend tries to play cupid for him.

Sword Art Online has several plot lines that tie together well and make it one of the best romance anime. The premise of the series is very original, with characters who have very different personalities. The characters are all very well developed and edgy. There are many great scenes between the two main characters, as well as a couple of other characters. The show also features an array of characters from different backgrounds.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy, a fantasy series, or a fun virtual reality game, Sword Art Online has it all. The characters in Sword Art Online have similar goals and settings. Log Horizon, on the other hand, focuses more on adventure. Approximately 30 thousand players are stuck in the game with no way to exit. In the anime, the main characters try to figure out ways to get out and reunite with their friends.

This anime is filled with love stories, and the characters are quite emotional. The main character, Sawako Kuronuma, is nicknamed Sadako, which refers to the evil girl in the “Ring” movies. Although her traits and personality are opposite, this contrasting combination makes them attracted to each other. Their love story follows a long journey to find the person who will love them forever.


Baka To Test

If you’re looking for a romantic comedy with an absurd twist, then Baka to Test is for you. This comedy anime series has plenty of heart and is a great place to start for new viewers. This anime features nine main characters, each with their own storylines and perks. Choose from one of the four default characters, Akihisa, Yuuji, Kouta, and Shouko, or choose to play as them all and unlock their storylines.

The premise of the show is based on a light novel by Kenji Inoue. Students are divided into two classes based on their academic results, with Class A students performing better in their tests than those in Class F. The high-achieving students are given better equipment and perks, while those in Class F are left to struggle in a classroom with broken furniture. This is why Baka to Test is one of the best romance anime series on the market.

The series is about a new teacher in a high school, named “Akihisa Yoshii.” In his school, students are divided according to their test scores. While prodigies are placed in the A class, Akihisa is in the F class. The F class is characterized by low tables and worn-out straw tatami mats. Akihisa meets the smartest girl in class, Mizuki Himeji, who has a fever, on the day of his test. The two develop a romantic relationship that ties them together.

The storyline of Baka To Test is a very romantic and emotional experience. It’s not for the weak-hearted. It follows a pair of siblings affected by the world war, who have no family. They spend their days wandering around town, looking for life. And when they do, they discover they’ve been adopted by a family! It’s a great anime for anyone with steel hearts!

Clannad: After Story

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The second season of the anime series Clannad is just as emotionally gripping and touching as its predecessor. Unlike most romance anime, Clannad: After Story isn’t a straight-up continuation of the previous series, but rather an emotionally rewarding one. It has a wistful atmosphere and a wonderful pacing, spanning seven years in twenty-two episodes. It’s definitely worth a look.

This emotional, heart-wrenching anime has a unique combination of humor and deep emotion. The main character, Hase Yuuki, is a boy who had once visited his hometown, but has not been back since. For seven years, he had blocked out the painful memories from his past, but the memories he does remember are so beautiful, he feels compelled to go back and see them.

The series takes on a similar theme, though it has a stronger musical score. While Clannad was notable for its strong character development and a heightened sense of fantasy, After Story is a far more mature show than its predecessor. Despite its broader audience, few anime series do it better. The two seasons are comparable in length, but the quality of the writing is far superior. The pacing and character arcs are both top-notch.

The plot of After Story is similar to Clannad, but it has a more melodrama. It picks up after the events of Clannad. Tomoya has graduated high school, and Nagisa has made his illness worse. Nagisa, however, is still in school and has to repeat a year. When these two meet again, the real story begins.


Toradora- This anime was incredibly heartwarming and real.

The title of Toradora! is derived from the characters’ names. In Japanese, the characters are known as Taiga and Ryuji, respectively. The English word dragon is pronounced “ryu.” The manga adaptation was released in 2008.

The first book in the series was titled Toradora!, which is a contraction of the Japanese word taig and the English word tora. The manga was first serialized in Dengeki Comic Gao! and later in Dengeki Daioh. The series received very positive reviews and will continue to be aired in 2020. There has been no cancellation announcements made for Toradora, and the series is still gaining popularity on the Toradora platform.







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When it comes to romantic anime, there are many options available. But when it comes to a girl-next-door, few are quite as compelling as Nana. Her layered feelings are more realistic and relatable than some of the fantasy anime we’re accustomed to. Plus, her modern artistic style and edgy fashion evoke real world situations. Plus, her story revolves around the struggles of a young woman trying to make it in the world, often against difficult circumstances.

When it comes to coming-of-age dramas, you can’t go wrong with the two series, Nana and Beck. Both feature band relationships and chart the main character’s maturation. In addition to their musical content, they also feature relationships among the supporting characters and love interests. The show also tackles the complexities of the music business and how it can affect a person’s life. Anime fans will enjoy both shows for their different approaches to the genre.

Despite the popularity of the Japanese manga, the English-language adaptation is arguably the most popular of these works. The manga series is serialized in the monthly shojo manga magazine Cookie from 2000 to 2009. The series is based on the lives of two young women, Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu, who struggle to find their place in the world while pursuing their dreams of fame and romance. Nana is not your typical “love story”, though. She isn’t an emo girl, but that doesn’t stop her from trying!

Another genre of shoujo anime is the romance genre. Both shows feature strong female protagonists who deal with a variety of situations. The romance aspect isn’t the focus, but it adds to the overall story and makes them both surprisingly addicting. Nana is not just the romantic comedy – she’s also a strong and independent girl. And while she’s not perfect, she does learn from her mistakes and tries to find her way in the world.

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