Top 6 Best Dog Pokemon Ranked

If you are looking for the best dog Pokemon in the game, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many choices out there. I’ve listed out a few of my favorites in this article. Stoutland: Stoutland is the Big Hearted Pokemon. It has the best moustache ever, a strong relationship with humans, and can intimidate lesser foes with its tanky stats and thick fur. Stoutland is also an excellent choice for those living in the cold mountain regions of the game.


While the dog Pokemon Poochyena may not be a great choice for your main rotation, it is an excellent choice for beginners. It is a cute, playful Pokemon that can eat almost anything. Once it evolves, Poochyena becomes a stronger Pokemon known as Mightyena. While its attack stat is low, its Intimidate ability makes up for it by decreasing your foe’s attack stat. It’s just not strong enough to be in your primary rotation.

Poochyena is a Dark type of dog with fangs like a hyena. The name of this dog comes from a combination of the words “pooch” and “hyena.” This dog has a rough, wolf-like appearance. However, at level 18, Poochyena evolves into a Mightyena, which has longer fur and a more elegant look. While Mightyena doesn’t look as cute as Poochyena, it is still an extremely fierce and dangerous pokemon.



The Mightyena is a dog-like hybrid between a wolf and a hyena. It lives in packs, and follows its leader’s orders. Its main attack is the sucker punch. However, this dog-like hybrid has some weaknesses as well. Its base stats are weak, and its moves are too basic to be very competitive. This makes it an unwise choice for most lineups. Fortunately, the Dog Pokémon is highly obedient to experienced trainers.

The Mightyena is one of the most famous Pokemon used by Team Magma. It is a dark-type Pokemon, and its move pool is littered with status-effect attacks. It also doesn’t start dealing damage until level 40, by which time most trainers have evolved it. Additionally, it does not provide enough of a primary rotation advantage.




In Pokemon Go, the best dog Pokemon is Furfrou. This Pokemon is a Normal-type with a high speed. It has six fluffy tails, and it is strong against Ghost-types. However, it is weak to Fighting-types. This Pokemon also has a unique ability: it can manipulate fire, and it has a high special attack stat of 50. This Pokemon is weak against Rock, Water, and Dragon-type Pokemon, but it is decent against Bug-types.

This Pokemon is similar to a poodle. It is very powerful, and it has a total base stat of 472. It can learn dark-type moves quickly. Its signature move, Sucker Punch, causes heavy damage. It can also evolve into a Boltund, which is a dark-type nemevul. It has an average speed of 50 mph, and can run nonstop for three days.




The Snubbull is a dog-like pokemon that makes a great pet. It was introduced in the Generation II video games and has a few cool features. Its name is a pun on dog. It is dressed in pink and blue polka dots and is particularly popular among women. It has two red ribbons in its ears that make it stand out from other dog pokemon. As a result, it has a lot of appeal amongst fans. Although it may not be as competitively useful as other dog pokemon, it does help you progress to mid-game cities.

If you’re looking for a dog Pokemon with good stats and great speed, Snubbull is the way to go. It learns giga impact and extremespeed moves, and is a good option for competitive play. It also evolves into the fairy-type Granbull with the help of Manectite. Its base stat is 450, and it has two STAB attacks, as well as a fair share of normal and electric-type moves. It has a moderate amount of HP, so it’s good to hold on to it until you can get better fighters.



While Granbull is not an ideal dog to be used as a playable monster, it captures the essence of a powerful, stout puppy quite well. The design isn’t particularly exciting with its animation and low-resolution pixel art, but it’s a good start. Dog-like monsters don’t usually end up being my favorite, but this canine does a good job of creating the right first impression.

Granbull used to be a Normal-type monster, but the change to Fairy allowed it to power through notable monsters such as Dragons. The only real disadvantage is that it isn’t very fast and has iffy defenses. This means that it will have to rely on top-ups after every battle, which can be very frustrating.






Despite its cute, dog-like appearance, the Boltund has no real competitive value. Its shallow moveset and weak base stats make it more of a collector’s item than a viable option in competitive play. However, this electric-type Pokemon can learn Charm at level 28, a move that makes it a Fairy-type status pokemon.

The Boltund looks like a yellow version of a hound dog, with two front paws of white and two dark yellow paws with two spikes on them. Its back paws are yellow with lighter yellow patches on them, and lead to slender, desaturated legs. Its yellow underbelly is partially covered in spots of green fur, but the rest of its body is mostly green.

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