Vanitas No Carte: How this Eccentric Vampire Show Captivates Watchers

In these preceding years, animation has improved tenfold, leading to stunning visuals depicting classy fights. Vanitas No Carte is an anime that excels in both story and animation by delivering an attention demanding plot, as well as due to its flambyount visuals. Jun Mochizuki is the brilliant mind behind this aberrantly flabbergasting anime.

The Case Study of Vanitas kicked off in December, 2015. It was serialised as a part of Square Enix’s shōnen Monthly manga journal- the Gangan Joker. The manga was host to generally favourable reviews, which led to an anime adaptation that aired in two cours. Vanitas No Carte is surely one such vampiric anime that’ll bamboozle you with its soothing melodies and vivid visuals.

The Vampire of the Blue Moon

Vanitas No Carte

Image: Studio Bones 

The story centres around an outlandish human, who possesses an extraordinary amount of knowledge about vampires- especially about how to turn one back to its original self if gone over the border of sanity.

Vanitas is the man in question, who actually inherited the name and skills from his master, the original Vampire of the Blue Moon “Vanitas”.

Seemingly, we are introduced to Noé Archiviste, a vampire in 19th century Paris who is after an item of myth. There is a folktale that a grimoire made by the Vampire of the Blue Moon exists, which can rectify all vampiric insanity. A lead about this fable led Noé aboard an airship, where he ran into a corrupted vampire. While almost succumbing defeat, he is rescued by Vanitas who uses his master’s Book of Vanitas- the one Noé is searching, to restore that vampire’s True Name.

Image: Studio Bones

Discovering that a malicious entity “Charlatan” is behind all these recent vampiric corruptions, Vanitas, who is driven by a mysterious personal vendetta sets out to restore order in both worlds- the vampiric and humane. With Noé sticking to Vanitas like glue, so that he may find out more about him.

Vanitas on one end being so distant, as his name derived from Vanity suggests, whereas Noé being the hearty person that he is entail a humorous, dark, and heart-warming story at times. A wonderful adventure awaits for all those who decide to watch Vanitas No Carte.

Vanitas No Carte Season 1 Review

Image: Studio Bones

The anime launched in summer 2021, with a 12 episode arc. The first part of Vanitas No Carte season 1 was rated a 7.91 on MyAnimeList, which was imminent due to its non-generic approach to the vampire action story with a blend of sleazy romance, beautifully chaotic environments, and thrilling plot twists, that all contribute to a fantastically crafted artwork.

The second cour further improved every aspect, gaining the #318th spot (8.21) on MyAnimeList. Just ending recently, the series seems unlikely to return for sometime, but Studio Bones is known for delivering new seasons after every few years. So, hopefully the eccentric vampire returns soon.

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