What are effects of Brain Drain for a country?

In today’s competitive environment, Brain Drain is a very popular and well understood term. Brain Drain is mass migration of skilled workforce from one land to another. The land from where mass outflow occurs can be seen as a sufferer of Brain Drain and the host land that is receiving skilled workforce enjoys the enrichment of its skill pool which is known as Brain Gain.

So, whenever migration of skilled workforce takes place from one country to another country, then one country will surely suffer from Brain Drain and other country will definitely enjoy Brain Gain.

Reasons of Brain Drain
In previous days, population was considered as strength of any nation, but now this holistic approach is not in practice. A person with no skill and no capability is not an asset for a country. Governments rectify the educational policy and HRD policy in order to generate more and more skilled people in the country. If a country has a large pool of Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Scientists, Lawyers, Managers and Technocrats then the country will definitely have a strong representation in the world. This will foster the development of country and will further develop human resources of the land.

But when skilled people of a country don’t get enough opportunities at home land then they migrate to foreign countries for exploring better opportunities. This is natural to understand, a capable engineer will never waste his time in his host country if he is not even able to find one decent job. Especially in today’s connected world, where movement of labor is free between the countries, skilled people will never confine themselves in land of limited opportunities. In fact organizations of developed countries intentionally attract the inexpensive talent existing in developing nations.

It is a common observation that developing countries are biggest sufferers of Brain Drain. Simply because in developing countries, growth and employment opportunities are limited; Moreover salaries and wages are also less in developing countries as compared to developed nations.

Impact of Brain Drain
The country that suffers from Brain Drain, eventually lose all of its inner strength due to scarcity of skilled domestic workforce. Scarcity of educated and proficient people in country put negative impact upon the local industrial development. Multi National Companies avoid coming in such nation due to lack of capable workforce. It also put detrimental impact on the development of basic infrastructure.

People of country suffer due to unavailability of doctors and engineers. National expenditure increases for availing the services of foreign nationals in domestic projects. Basically, Brain Drain makes a county hollow from inside and it is curse for developing nations.

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