What Are Mammals?

The animals which give birth to their young ones and suckle them are known as mammals. Mammals are vertebrates and have mammary glands to feed their young ones with milk from these glands. They have lungs to respire. Mammals are warm blooded animals and have hairs on their body. The animals that come under this category have many differences. For example, bat, seal and the cow, however come under this category but they have nothing common. Man also comes under the category of mammals. Mammals live in different places as some live on trees, on land, in water and inside the earth. Some of the mammals are carnivorous they eat only flesh; whereas others are herbivorous they eat only grass. Some mammals are both carnivorous and herbivorous they eat both flesh and grass.

There are some mammals which resemble each other like gorilla, monkey, baboon, chimpanzee etc. There are some other animals like cow, camel, rat, rabbit, rhinoceros, elephant, horse, pig and squirrel etc. all these animals have same features. The mammals like whale, dolphin and the dugong live in water. Colugo and bat are the flying mammals. There is a very strange mammal which has a pouch on its belly and is named as kangaroo. Kangaroo keeps its young ones in this pouch. Platypus is the mammal which lays eggs instead of giving birth to young ones. The pangolin has no teeth, it feeds on ants. It becomes difficult for us to describe all the species of mammals. Thus only some important species of mammals have been described in this article

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