What Are Permanent Hair Removal Methods?

There are permanent hair removal methods today that don’t cause as many problems with side effects as they have in the past. In past years it was possible to permanently remove hair but the skin was often damaged or there were painful, temporary side effects. The key to permanent hair removal methods today is that they may actually be used painlessly, with permanent results.

One of the methods that has become popular recently uses radio frequency to destroy hair at the root. According to marketing material for these products, the process may be successful for even hard-to-remove hair that doesn’t respond to other treatments. The radio-frequency system used for removing hair essentially alters the current through a person’s skin and the resulting electrical energy is focused on the hair follicles. It is known to be a rather quick process and is considered quite painless. Most experienced hair-removal specialists state that hair rarely grows back. The treatment may burn or scar slightly, according to marketing information for the process.

Some of the other methods that have been popular for several years include the following processes.
Waxing essentially pulls the hair out by the roots and prevents much of the hair from growing back. However, many people find this quite painful. The waxing must often be repeated and the follicle is damaged to the point where it won’t grow back.

Laser treatment can be costly and is not really permanent, though advertising often states that a good laser hair-removal treatment can last a long time. There are one or two hair removal processes that can claim permanent hair reduction, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Some studies have shown that hair reduction is possible to a level of up to 80 percent.

Some people have found success with a chemical depilatory, which involves using an ingredient known by the chemical name of calcium thioglycolate. This breaks down the keratin in the skin, the hair is loosened in the skin and can then be scraped off. Essentially, the creams or powders may also dissolve the hair and the follicle structure.

Electrolysis uses a needle-like device that probes into the skin to the hair root so that the root is destroyed. The process uses an electric current in either a galvanic or thermolysis process. Several sessions are often necessary to accomplish the proper result.

In addition to these often-used methods, there are some other ways to remove hair from the human body. However, according to medical and encyclopedia information, using the X-ray method is not allowed in the United States. Photodynamic methods are considered experimental at best. The use of this method is carefully restricted.

Some other methods that have interesting names and a few supporters are a combination of electricity and tweezers. This method employs some of the electrical results of electrolysis and the physical removal of waxing. Some experimental methods that are believed to have doubtful results include microwaves, dietary supplements and some non-tropical surface lotions.

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