What Are Some Home Treatments For Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

Dealing with panic attacks and anxiety episodes might involve a number of different approaches. Most people who gather information about this subject or consult with a doctor find that visualization and focusing techniques can help break the cycle of negative thoughts and fear.

Others have had success with deep-breathing exercises, sometimes in combination with visualization. Some training and guidance from a counselor or other individual with experience might be necessary. But breathing techniques and proper focusing of thoughts can be real remedies for anxiety and panic attacks.

In addition, many psychologists, physicians and counselors urge individuals to be honest and courageous about situations that might trigger panic attacks. We can avoid some of these locations and situations.

Beyond these “self-help” ideas, there are other “home remedies” and treatments that might help certain individuals. Try slow breathing to avoid hyperventilation that often follows the tension and gasps that come with panic and severe anxiety. Try bringing back some of the happy, relaxing experiences of childhood with familiar aromas, fresh baked goods etc. But you should avoid dredging up any painful memories or situations that might increase your anxiety.

Exercise is one of the best ways to get out of the cycle that comes with panic attacks. While it may seem wise to just stop and relax, you may be better off going for a walk. You don’t have to engage in some frenzied exercise or weight lifting. A simple walk around several blocks might do the trick.

Have some tea. This simple, delightful beverage has long been used to settle the nerves, so to speak. In fact, some of the ingredients of tea do indeed have a calming effect. We’ve mentioned bringing back some pleasurable childhood aromas. That’s why aromatherapy works so well. Even if the smells aren’t childhood-related, there are certain smells and aromas that have a relaxing effect. As one specialist has noted, the smell of chocolate chip cookies has been known to put an immediate end to the racing thoughts and anxiety that signal a panic attack.

Some supplements may help you limit the effects of panic/anxiety. Try calcium and/or B vitamins. Certain herbs and natural supplements may help, but make sure that you have all the information you need before trying these items.

In addition to adding certain activities or supplements, some individuals can avoid panic attacks or limit the episodes by restricting their intake of refined sugar, carbohydrates and other non-essential food elements. Some people have found that eliminating the use of artificial sweetening agents has reduced the effects of panic/anxiety.

A simple warm bath is another home remedy that some have used with success. More complex hydrotherapy programs are available as well. The correct combination of warm or hot water and bubbles/air jets may be of some help.

In the end, you may simply want to settle in with a good book or call a close friend or family member. This might be the most effective “home remedy” of all.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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