What Are The Most Common Types Of Hair Removal?

A quick search for information about the most common types of hair removal shows laser treatments to be at or near the top of the “most popular” list. But there are three very common ways to get rid of unwanted body hair, some of which have been in use for hundreds of years.

Shaving body hair is an everyday activity for most men, just as regular shaving of legs and armpits is common for many women. This method of hair removal is temporary, of course, as the body hair grows back rather quickly. However, some people employ this method because there is little or no pain if it is done carefully.

If asked, most people would immediately answer that shaving is the most popular and most common way to remove hair from the body. Some of the problems that could occur with this method are rash or irritation of an area that is shaved on a regular basis, and reactions to various shaving creams and lotions that are used in the shaving process.

Products sold in grocery stores and pharmacies have been used for decades to get rid of unwanted hair. Perhaps the most common name among these products is Nair, though there are other creams and lotions that have the same effect (such as Hair No More). These products slow down the growth of hair and some eventually stop most of the hair from growing back. But sometimes it takes a month or more to see significant, almost permanent results. Hair grows back in three months or so if you stop using the cream altogether.

While some early hair removal lotions and creams were made with strong, hair-killing chemicals, the newer products treat the body and skin more tenderly. Some even contain such ingredients as aloe vera to help heal the skin.

There is another alternative of course, one that has become quite popular in the last 20 years or so. Waxing is an immediate solution to hair removal, giving the same appearance as a very close shave. In fact, some consider this the best way to remove hair, if you can put up with the temporary pain.

Waxing does not usually leave irritation behind, though some react differently than others. Hair will grow back, but with waxing new growth takes a long time. In recent years, people have used waxing to remove hair on the chest, back, stomach and around the bikini lines.

Laser hair removal is a bit more like a medical procedure so the individual should know as much about it as possible before taking this step. This is often the last choice, after a person has tried several other methods. There are several different ways to use lasers to remove hair, some of which work better than others depending on the patient. Patients can experience some pain with extensive laser hair removal and the process is more expensive than shaving or using creams. Some companies advertise laser removal for $200 in a clinical setting.

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