What Are The Symptoms Of Cancer?

Cancer claims many lives every year. Cancer treatment is one of the major concerns of medical science. But it is very tedious to deal with cancer at its letter stages. For an efficient escape from the cancer, it is very important to diagnose it at early stages. So, prevention is the most important tool in order to fight against the cancer. Early detection of cancer helps in restricting its spread in the body. But, a patient will go to a medical center for conducting cancer tests, only if his body is showing some symptoms of the cancer. So, it’s important to have knowledge about early symptoms of different types of cancers, so that one can consult a doctor at right time.

General symptoms
For most general types of cancers these symptoms are extremely common- A thickening or lump in the testicles or breast, some sort of change in the mole or wart, a sudden change in bladder habits or in bowel, a skin sore that is not healing, blood in the cough or persistent cough, trouble in swallowing or constant problems of digestion, chronic fatigue, unusual vaginal discharge or bleeding. If somebody is facing these symptoms then he/she should immediately consult a doctor.

Specific symptoms
Some specific symptoms for specific types of the cancers are-
Bladder cancer: Common symptoms of Bladder cancer are- Pain upon urination, cloudy urine, more frequent urination, appearance of the blood in the regular urine.

Bone cancer: swelling, Pain in the affected bones, sudden fractures, weight loss, vomiting, frequent infections, weakness of the arms or legs, constipation, problems related to urination.

Breast cancer: Thickening or lump formation in the breast, change in the color of the skin of breast, discharge of the fluid from the nipple, enlargement of the lymph nodes present under the arm.

Kidney cancer: Discharge of blood with the urine, pain or mild ache in the side or back, abnormal count of red blood cells, high blood pressure.

Brain cancer: Abnormal movements of eyes, weakness, drowsiness, loss of the feelings in legs or arms, difficulties in normal walking, Dizziness, dual personality syndrome, severe headaches, vomiting.

Leukemia: Paleness; prolonged bleedings; Weakness; fever; enlargement of spleen, lymph nodes and liver; weight loss, pain in joints and bones and night sweats.

Ovarian cancer: Abnormality in vaginal bleeding, swelling (rare), discomforts in digestion.

Stomach cancer: Pain or discomfort in the abdomen, constipation or diarrhea, heartburn, vomiting, loss of the appetite, blood with the stool, blood in vomits, fatigue and weakness.

Lung cancer: Persistent cough, continuous pain in the chest, enlargement of lymph nodes of the neck, wheezing.

Pancreatic cancer: Sudden weight loss, pain in Upper abdominal, intolerance towards fatty foods, enlargement of the spleen and the liver, skin yellowing.
Prostate cancer: Difficulties in Urination, incomplete emptying of the bladder, presence of blood in urine, mild ache in back or pelvis, extremely frequent feelings to urinate.

Oral cancer: ulcers of the lips; oral bleeding and pain, loose of teeth, lump formation in the mouth.
These are specific symptoms of some extremely common type of cancer. If somebody is observing these symptoms then he/she should immediately go for cancer diagnosis.

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