What Are The Ten Smartest Dogs?

(1) Border Collie: These medium-sized dogs come in many colours and lack extreme physical characteristics.These dogs need a considerable amount of daily mental stimulation and physical exercise; they don’t feel happy and sometimes can even become quite destructive if they don’t have some kind of job to do. The Border Collie isn’t always an ideal dog for the city dwellers that live in flats because a Border Collie needs constant companionship and they don’t like to live alone the whole day while their master is at work. Border Collies normally fall into the category of work dogs but their use as pets is also increasing fast.
(2) Poodles: Poodles are mainly bred as water dogs (a dog trained to retrieve or/and hunt game from water) and have a curly and dense coat which requires regular grooming.Poodles come in three varieties: toy poodles, miniature poodles and standard poodles. The toy poodle is the smallest among them which is followed by the miniature poodle and then comes the standard poodle. There is one thing that is common in all three varieties; their intelligence, good nature and loyalty and they’re all full of energy. Though intelligent, these dogs are also prone to various diseases and need regular care in order to prevent them from infections.
(3) German Shepherds: These intelligent dogs are also courageous and make one of the best guard dogs.Like other intelligent dogs German shepherds don’t like to sit idle and are always in search of a job to do. The looks may give one a hard impression but the German Shepherds are one of the most lovable breeds of dogs. In the past, German Shepherds were used as herd dogs (this use is limited, if not diminished by now) and today their courage and intelligence coupled with their obedient nature makes them ideal dogs to be used by the armed forces.
(4) Golden Retriever: Historically developed as gundogs (to help the hunters), today these dogs are often employed in search and rescue operations and are used as guide dogs.This fourth most intelligent dog breed in the world is also the fourth most popular family dog breed. The Golden Retriever, in general, is a pack-oriented animal i.e. it needs regular interactions with other Golden Retrievers to feel secure. These dogs like to be included in the family and enjoy many activities like jogging, hunting and hiking with the family members.
(5) Doberman Pinscher: Developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman, the use of them as police dogs or guard dogs was common.The physical features of Doberman Pinschers make them instantly recognizable and these dogs are not only intelligent and loving but also ferocious when necessary. These dogs have a short coat and are compactly built and have athletic abilities with both endurance and speed. These dogs are developed as guard dogs but careful breeding markedly improves the temperament of the breed; after all, it is not for no reason that these dogs are employed at hospitals to help the patients. The dogs are energetic and ideal for family life.
(6) Shetland Sheepdog: Colloquially called Shelties these dogs were used in Shetland Islands in Scotland for herding purposes.These are small dogs and have the temper of a herd-dog; the dogs are hyper and don’t always go well with strangers but they are very obedient and loving in their own family. The dogs have a double coat and require regular grooming to prevent matting. Shetland sheepdogs may not be one of the most popular dogs around but its owners claim that the dog is as intelligent as a human being.
(7) Labrador Retriever:The dogs of this seventh most intelligent breed are retriever type gundogs. Also known as Labrador or simply Lab, these dogs are the most popular dogs in the world.The dogs are athletic and their webbed paws make them good swimmers; add to this the fact that they are good with children and one understands why people around the world prefer Labrador Retrievers more than any other breed. These dogs require regular exercise else they can develop weight problems. Their ability to swim makes them good rescue dogs.
(8) Papillion: The name of the dog comes from French, where it means a ‘butterfly’. The dog gets its name because the French thought it looked like a butterfly. Papillion (pronounced as papiyo’n) is one of the oldest toy spaniel type dog. The looks of this cute looking dog may prove to be deceptive because they are very possessive about their owners. These dogs are very charming and a symbol of elegance, and, during the Renaissance these dogs were among the favourites of the nobility of the time. These dogs aren’t very difficult to train.
(9) Rottweilers: Known for its courage, size and strength, a Rottweiler is a dog with a common sense; it is a very intelligent and hardy breed. In the past Rottweilers were used for two main purposes:(a) as herd dogs and (b) to carry butchered meat to the market. The traditional roles continued into the middle of the 19th century and today these dogs are mainly used by the police, as guide dogs for the blind, and in search and rescue operations. Rottweilers are also one of the best guard dogs around. In spite of its looks, the dog has relatively low hunting instinct.
(10) Australian Cattle Dog: Developed in the last decades of the 19th century, the dog was a boon the Australian stockmen who were looking desperately for a dog which could herd their cattle and still stand the hard climate of their country. It is a medium sized dog and comes in two colors: blue and red. These dogs have a double coat and shed it each year just before the summer. The Australian cattle dog is an intelligent breed but on occasions they can also prove to be stubborn. It is an extremely active breed and needs a lot of exercise and these dogs often get fierce in the presence of strangers.

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