What Are The Top Ten Beaches In Australia?

1.Bondi Beach, New South Wales
Declared a part of Australian National Heritage List in 2008, Bondi beach remains one of the best beaches in the world. The beach gets its name from an aboriginal word Bondi (or Boondi) which means ‘where the fight of nullas (an Australian club) takes places’. The one kilometer long beach has everything from surfing competitions to beachside cafés. There is also an underwater shark net which is used during the summers.

2.Gold Coast, Queensland
It is actually a collection of over twenty beaches famous for their clean and blue waters. There are beaches like the Main Beach and Surfer’s Paradise which are renowned around the globe for their excellent surfing conditions and there are like Broadbeach and Nobby Beach which are considered very good for family outings. All these beaches are filled with people for most of the time but if you want to swim peacefully, Greenmount Beach is a nice option.

3.Little Cove, Queensland
It is favorite gathering spot of some of world’s best surfers and home to some of the world’s best surfing schools.

4.Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island
Regarded by the locals as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Whitehaven, is located off the coast of mainland and is accessible by both sea and air. The beach stretches for six kilometers and the white silica present in the sands of the beach impart it its beautiful white color.

5.Cable Beach, Western Australia
Located far from the big Australian cities, Cable Beach magnificently combines the culture with the atmosphere of a tropical resort. The beach is famous for its beautiful sunsets.

6.Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
This isolated little beach located in the Freycinet National Park may not feature any shops or large crowds but the soft sands and beautiful waters are just enchanting. The beach is crescent shaped and it’s accessible by road.

7.Hyams Beach, New South Wales
The clear waters of the Hyams Beach are home to dolphins which make it an excellent destination for the couples and honeymooners. There could be nothing better if you want to have a glimpse of the Australian wildlife.

8.Bells Beach, New South Wales
If there is a word that tells everything about the beach then should be: surfing. Difficult to access and home to the longest running surf competition in the world, today it is a place where surfers from around the world gather to ride the waves.

9.Coral Bay, Western Australia
As the name suggests, the main attraction at the beach is its coral reef and a bizarre sea life. You can snorkel here through the corals and you’ll be amazed at the diversity of life under water. The bay is also frequented by humpback whales and whale sharks therefore one should better take the necessary precautions.

10.Byron Bay, New South Wales
The beach can be best described as ‘Fantastic nightlife, always teeming with surfers and swimmers’. It is among the top 25 sexiest beaches in the world according the Forbes magazine.

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