What Are The Top Ten Beaches In South America?

1.Copacabana Beach, Brazil:
Considered as the most famous beach in the world, it is located on the southern city of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. The locals affectionately call the 4 km long beach the Princes of the Sea. The beach stretches from Fort Copacabana on the one end while Fort Duque de Caxias marks the end of the beach on the other end. Both the forts were built in the 1914 and 1779 respectively. The beach throws a grand party on the New Year’s Eve which attracts more than a million people and lately it has been fast evolving into a major venue for international beach soccer tournaments.


2.San Andrés, Colombia:
Identified by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, the archipelago of San Andrés is located 720 km from the Colombian Caribbean Coast. The multi-ethnic history of the place offers a unique cultural experience to the tourists. The beach is an excellent place to be for the people who want to enjoy the white sandy beaches, colourful culture and the exciting nightlife of the San Andrés.

3.Porto de Galinhas, Brazil:
Located about 60 km from the state capital of Recife in Pernambuco, Porto de Galinhas is a major tourist destination famous for its natural pools and bright water beaches. Ecoviagem, a Brazilian magazine has ranked Porto de Galinhas the best beach in Brazil for three years in a row. Porto de Galinhas means the ‘port of chicken’ and it gets its name from the times when slavery was the norm and when new slaves were brought in, the masters would say ‘new chicken has arrived’. There is a village near the beach where many restaurants and shops are located.

4.Beach of English, Brazil:
More famous as Praia dos Ingleses, it is 4.8 km long and 650 m across. The beach is famous for its dunes of white sand, crystal clear water and a coastline dotted along with forts. Sand-board skating and surfing are two major sports here and the well developed infrastructure along the beach keeps it in easy reach. The dunes that separate the Santinho Beach from the Beach of English are a natural wonder.

5.Forte Beach, Brazil:
Projecto Tamar, a turtle sanctuary is the main attraction on the Forte Beach. There are a number of pools in the sanctuary where one can find different species of turtles and fish. Another attraction at the beach is a number of tiny tide pools which are full of sea life and are formed when the tide recedes. Past the Project Tamar, there are great places for swimming and you shouldn’t be surprised on seeing a whale surfacing on the Forte Beach because it is not uncommon there.

6.Maresias, Brazil:
This beach of yellow sand facing the Atlantic Ocean stretches 5 km in length and is located in the city of Sao Sebastião on the northern coastline of Brazil. It is one of the most popular surfing points in Brazil and its night life as a magnet for the young people from around the globe. ‘Sirena’ is a major and perhaps the most popular night club in Maresias. It is said that the beach was discovered by a few enthusiasts who were looking for new venues for surfing further north. The beach has a good infrastructure

7.Punta del Este, Uruguay:
This scenic resort area with 32 km of beautiful beaches is renowned worldwide for its luxury hotels and glittery nightlife. Punta del Este is still considered as an upmarket area reserved for wealthy South Americans but it is not as expensive as its European or American counterparts. Mansa, Brava, La Barra del Maldonado and Dedos are some of most famous beaches on Punta del Este. Late dinners, discos that go on until dawn offer an unmatched relaxed life style.

8.Margarita, Venezuela:
This beautiful Caribbean island is located to the northeast of the Venezuelan capital Caracas. The island is surrounded by the beaches and there is always one matching your taste: you can opt for a beach with or without waves, cold or warm, crowded or not, large or small etc. The castles and churches on the island make it a great place to go around. The tiny island also has several golf courses.

9.Atacames, Ecuador:
Atacames Beach has a very popular nightlife and throws parties that continue never seem to end. The infrastructure is good and it is not difficult to reach Atacames situated 350 km north from the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. The rainy season is the time when the locals join the tourists in the days-long revelry but if you want things to be quieter, April to October is the best time to be.

10.Mancora, Peru:
It is one of those few places in the world there the Sun shines throughout the year. The beautiful beaches of Mancora are not less than the heavens themselves; its marine biodiversity, a rich flora and fauna make is one of the best places to spend holidays. At Mancora, you can not only go to the beach but can also practice horse riding, water sports and delicious seafood.

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