What Are The Top Ten Beaches In The United States?

1.T. H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Florida:
Stretching out 15 km from the Florida Panhandle in Port St. Joe, this park has to offer some of the best beaches in the country. The sugar white sands extend as far as the eye goes and swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling are the popular activities along the St. Joseph Bay and Gulf of Mexico.

2.Hanalei, Hawaii:
A crescent of 3.2 km covered with white coral sand appears as if being embraced by the surrounding mountains and the ocean seems like a giant glass mirroring the beauty of the cliffs in the early morning. To the east of the beach is Hanalei Pier, where the Hanalei River becomes a part of the ocean. Hanalei is profusion of cafés and inns and there are several golf courses too.

3.Ka’anapali, Hawaii:
Ka’anapali, considered one of the best beaches available in Maui, is lined with tropical plants and palms. Ka’anapali is situated on a black volcanic cone and the area near the Sheraton Maui Hotel is considered the best place to swim. There is a concrete path running along the entire length of the beach from the Hyatt to the Black Rock. The Black Rock divides the beach in half and it is famous as a snorkeling place.

4.Fort de Soto Park, Florida:
Spread over 1,100 acres, the magnificent beaches in the Fort de Soto Park are the main attraction. The park consists of several interconnected islands; therefore it has a lot of beach area. The first thing that attracts the visitors is the shallow water around these islands. Two fishing piers and 235 campsites are an additional fun the on the beaches.

5.Caladesi Island State Park, Florida:
Caladesi Island is one of those few islands that are still left in their natural state. Located about 42 km from the Honeymoon Island, the beach has something for everyone. Beach lovers can enjoy beachcombing, sunbathing and swimming here while hiking three miles to spot wildlife is popular among nature enthusiasts.

6.Ocracoke Island, North Carolina:
The remote island is a very special place in the sense that it is not yet savaged by excessive tourism. Blackbeard Island on the periphery of the Ocracoke is famous for family beach vacations. It is still on the radar of travel agencies therefore a great place to find an escape from the daily grindery of life.

7.Hamoa Beach, Hawaii:
Voted one of the favorite beaches in Hawaii, it is located just outside the Hana. James Albert Michener, a famous American author, calls Hamoa world’s most perfect beach. The 4000-feet cliffs are lush with vegetation and the presence of gray sand beaches give it a Polynesian look.

8.East Hampton Main Beach, New York:
Located on the tip of Long Island in the city of New York, the beach is a stretch of coarse sand and lies adjacent to the grassy dunes. The clean beach attracts both the common masses and the celebrities alike. The beach is always dotted with people and at a stone’s throw from the beach is situated the village of East Hampton Main Beach which offers excellent places to stay and many historical landmarks.

9.Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Florida:
The park covers almost a third of the southern part of Key Biscayne Island and the natural beaches in the park measure at around 1.7 km. Thanks to the coral reef extending 9.6 km offshore, the waves are gentle and chairs, umbrellas and ocean kayaks can be rented at the park’s concession.

10.Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Hawaii:
The protected bay has a large beach for sunbathing, picnicking and relaxing and the curvature of the bay provides protection against large ocean waves. There are also several hiking trails laid going along the coastline overlooking the bridge. The Hanuama beach also provides with excellent snorkeling opportunities.

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