What are the ways to prevent Brain Drain?

Brain Drain is mass migration of skilled people from one country to another. World has witnesses Brain Drain since from the start of Industrial Revolution. A country that suffers from Brain Drain loses its pace of development. This problem is much serious in developing nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.

History of Brain Drain
Europe witnessed Brain Drain after World War II, because Europe was completely shattered and it was a “down and out” Situation for various European countries. At that time countries like Australia, United States of America and Russia presented huge working opportunities for skilled people of Europe. As a result many European Engineers, Doctors, Skilled workers, scientists etc migrated to other countries.

In fact present day Australia is in developed state only because of mass migration of skilled people from the entire world to the Australia. Europe applied many economic reforms after World War II and Monterey collaborations of European countries helped Europe to stand back and reduce the rate of Brain drain.

Brain drain is lethal for any country, so every country should try to prevent it through following efforts-
1. Providing ample opportunities of employment to the skilled workforce of nation, so that citizens of country can find good employment within the country only.
2. Just “employment” can never satisfy modern competent youth. They need smart earnings and respect in society. Government should set the norms in such a way that salaries of people are high enough so that they can match requirements of modern life style.
3. It has been observed that it is the “worker” class that represent maximum share in Brain drain. Workers prefer to work at place where they get high wages and superior working conditions. Developed countries satisfy both of these needs. Governments of developing nations should set minimum wages according to international standards only.
4. International communities of nations should try to install some diplomatic machinery that repels the unbalanced movement of workforce from one region of world to another region.
5. Educations system of a country should always have a match with employment policy of government. If no. of educated people is more than no. of jobs in public and private sector of country then it is natural that people will move out of country in search of work.
6. When some country indulges itself in a destructive activity like war, invasion etc then it creates internal instability and insecurity. People prefer to move out from such an insecure environment. This has been observed in various countries like Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.
7. Governments of developing nations never conduct skill assessment of population. As a result, such nations never plan for the future of their workforce. This should be avoided and a proactive approach should be adopted to deal with Brain Drain.

Above given points are just few suggestions, there are many other ways through which Brain drain could be reduced or eliminated. Prevention of Brain drain will lead into a balanced and sustainable development of entire world.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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