What Does a Sorority Girl Mean?

The term “sorority girl” typically refers to a female college or university student who is a member of a sorority. Sororities are social organizations for undergraduate students, particularly in North American colleges and universities.

Understanding Sororities

Sororities (and their male counterparts, fraternities) are part of a system known as Greek life, due to their names often consisting of Greek letters, such as Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, or Kappa Kappa Gamma. These organizations serve a variety of purposes:

1. Social Networking: Sororities provide opportunities for members to create strong bonds of friendship and mutual support. They often host social events and activities to facilitate this.

2. Philanthropy: Many sororities emphasize service and philanthropy, raising funds and volunteering for various charitable organizations or causes.

3. Professional Networking: Sororities can offer opportunities for career advancement, through alumni networks and other professional resources.

4. Personal Development: Sororities often have programs and events geared toward the personal development of their members, in areas such as leadership, academics, and cultural awareness.

Who is a Sorority Girl?

A “sorority girl” is a woman who chooses to participate in a sorority during her time at college or university. These students often live in a shared house with their fellow sorority sisters, participate in social, philanthropic, and academic events, and adhere to the rules and regulations of their specific sorority.

The term can sometimes be stereotyped or used pejoratively in popular culture to depict a party-oriented, academically uninterested, or socially exclusive individual. However, it’s crucial to remember that every sorority and every member is unique. Many “sorority girls” are accomplished, ambitious students who value the companionship, networking opportunities, and personal growth that their sorority provides.


In summary, a “sorority girl” is a female student who participates in the social structure of a sorority at her college or university. While there are numerous stereotypes about what a “sorority girl” is or should be, the reality is that these organizations and their members are diverse, with many being deeply committed to academics, service, and personal development.

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