What Does DSB Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat, a popular social media platform, uses a variety of acronyms and short-forms as part of its casual communication style. DSB, short for “Don’t Send Back,” is one of these acronyms that helps users communicate their desires more succinctly.

Meaning and Usage of DSB

DSB, which stands for “Don’t Send Back”, is a simple but effective way of signaling that a user does not want to receive any further messages from a particular individual. It’s a shorthand way of conveying that they no longer wish to continue the conversation or engage with the other person, either temporarily or permanently.

Practical Situations to Use DSB

There are numerous scenarios in which the use of DSB could come in handy. One might use it when they receive a message that is uninteresting or unwanted. Rather than engage in a long explanation or an argument, one could simply respond with “DSB”. This communicates the message that they do not want any more such messages in the future.

Another situation could be when a user is no longer interested in communicating with someone. Instead of outright ignoring the other person or resorting to harsh words, responding with “DSB” would effectively communicate the disinterest without any unnecessary confrontation.

DSB: A Non-confrontational Communication Tool

The beauty of the DSB acronym lies in its non-confrontational approach. Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of rude or harsh messages. DSB provides a way to communicate boundaries on Snapchat without resorting to a confrontational tone. If a user doesn’t wish to receive a message from a certain person, a simple “DSB” reply conveys the message, and hopefully, the sender respects their wishes.


In the ever-evolving world of digital communication, DSB serves as an example of how language adapts to new platforms and situations. It provides an efficient way to communicate a specific desire, i.e., not wanting to receive messages from a particular individual, without the need for elaborate explanations or potential confrontations. So next time you come across a situation on Snapchat where you’d rather not continue a conversation, remember, “DSB” can do the trick.

Written by Cindryl Valdez

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