What Does Poggers Mean? (TikTok and Twitch)

Whether you are a longtime Twitch streamer or just curious about what the slang term Poggers means, you’ll want to read this article. This article will answer the questions “What does Poggers mean?” and “how do you say it?”

Poggers is a slang term

Poggers, or the shock look, is a slang term that originates from a popular Twitch emote. The first pogger was an emoticon of a shocked frog called Pepe the frog, which you could install on your computer by following the instructions on its website. This term was so popular, in fact, that Twitch removed the emote from its official dictionary in 2021. Despite this move, poggers are still used to express excitement.

The word “pogger” has been around for a while. It first surfaced on the Internet in 2011 and has since spread throughout the social media world. In gaming, poggers are commonly used as a term for people with low IQ levels. They are also often used to describe game partners. If you’ve ever seen someone pogger at another player, chances are they’ve already been poggered.

It’s an emote

It’s been a while since the emote “Poggers” was added to Twitch, but the controversial emote is back and better than ever. The face behind the emote, Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, posted some tweets that caused outrage and caused Twitch to remove it. Those tweets suggested that the emote “Poggers” was inciting more civil unrest, and Twitch took action.

Poggers is a popular emote used to express surprise and shock before an event. It has been seen in numerous memes, and is used to describe Ryan Gutierrez’s shocking face in Pogs. The emote is used most often by teenagers and is sometimes referred to as “LUL” (Love You Lots).

It’s a verb

In the world of gaming, the word poggers can mean many different things. It can mean something exciting, dramatic, or sophisticated. It’s a popular term among gamer communities, and it has even made it into the English language. In the words that come after poggers, the ‘epic’ part is also used to describe something exciting or thrilling. Poggers is also used to refer to emotes that gamers use on Twitch, a website that allows people to live stream their games. Though it began in gaming, the word poggers has spread to other realms, including music, writing, and even sports.

The verb poggers comes from the word pog, which stands for “person other than a grunt.” While many sources point to ‘pogue’ as the original term, most believe that it is a word that originally referred to a gay man who enjoyed receiving sex from another man. The term was first used in derogatory fashion in WWI, but military websites suggest that it might actually be older than that.

It’s used by Twitch streamers

Among gamers who have gone viral is Ryan “Gootecks”, a well-known Twitch streamer and veteran of the streetfighter community. This term refers to a type of emote used to express disappointment or sadness. It originated from a video of Mike Ross and Gootecks playing Pog. A Pog champion is a person who has mastered the game. Streamers usually use a heavy disc to hit the circles.

The pogger emote is commonly used by Twitch streamers to convey the emotions of surprise or excitement. The Pogger emoticon is an image of a surprised frog. Its origins can be traced to the Pepe family of comics. Far-right political movements used the frog to portray an innocent look at the performance of the government. Today, the Pogger emote has gained widespread popularity in the Twitch community, and many streamers are using it to show their excitement.

It’s used by TikTok users

You might have heard about TikTok – the popular video sharing app – but what exactly is it? This short video sharing app allows users to record videos and use the same tagline to upload them. Despite its name, poggers are used to mean a variety of things, and they’re used in different ways by different users. Learn how poggers are used by users to create viral videos and share them on the platform.

One of the first things you should know about TikTok is the ‘gen z’ language that is commonly used in the comment section. The ‘gen z’ term that is popular on the site has a vocabulary all its own, with words such as ‘pog’ and ‘poggers’. These terms have probably been around for a few months now, but they have become more common in the comments section of videos.

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