What Does the Red Heart Mean on Snapchat?

The red heart next to your friend’s name in your chat list is the ultimate symbol of friendship. If you’ve been one of the top friends for two months in a row, you’ll get a red heart next to their name in your chats list. As you go up the friendship level, you’ll earn the Super BFF emoji and unlock a whole new category of emojis called friends.

Friend emojis

Friend emojis on Snapchat are private and visible only to the user. This feature was introduced in 2015, and allows users to denote how often they exchange snaps with each other. The smiling face emoji means a friend has been sending them snaps often.

Meaning of emojis

There are a few different types of emojis you can use on Snapchat. The red heart emoji is a popular symbol used to show affection towards a friend or a lover. If the person you are messaging is someone you see often, use this emoji.

Meaning of red heart

If you’ve ever been confused about the red heart icon on Snapchat, you’re not alone. The symbol has multiple meanings and you’re probably not sure why it appears. Depending on the activity of your bestie, a yellow heart may turn red. If your bestie has an interesting profile, you might be able to deduce why they changed their heart emoji.


Meaning of yellow heart

The yellow heart on Snapchat has a very specific meaning. Although it can be used to show love, it is most often used to show friendliness or liking. This type of emoji complements all things yellow, including people, places, and things.

Meaning of smirky emoji

The smirky emoji on Snapchat has multiple meanings. For instance, it can be used to show how you feel towards a new friend. This type of emoji is often used when a relationship is still in the baby stages. It can also represent the user you interact with the most, but who isn’t necessarily your best friend.

Meaning of the smile emoji

The smile emoji on Snapchat is a great way to show that you are happy and smiling. It appears next to a person’s username. You should be able to see this emoji if you’re friends with the person. However, you should be aware that this emoji only appears on your account if you often snap with that person.

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