What If…? Season 2: Release Date, Episodes, and Updates

What If…? was the latest entry into Marvel’s Phase IV line-up on Disney+. The series was stated to be set inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so many of the film actors had voiced there own characters in this season as well. Currently, What If season 1 is the only animated show to be developed by Marvel Studios.

When’s What If Season 2 Coming Out?

The show was greenlit in 2018, which was soon flowed by an official announcement in April, 2019. Information was revealed about the plot, that stated the series is going to be an anthology series about different events in the Marvel Universe, and what would happen if they had unfolded differently. The concept of the multiverse was set in motion with this series, and pivotal points in the official MCU were alternated, which led to completely different universes.

What If...? season 2

Surprisingly, What If…? season 2 had been confirmed years back to be in development. The scripts had already been written, but as we know animation takes time, so that is why the studio hasn’t released more information as of yet.

At the moment late 2022 is somewhat confirmed to be when the next season of the series airs on Disney+.

How Many Episodes Will the Second Season Have?

The first season of What If…? was originally planned to be a ten-episode series, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, delays in production led the series to include nine episodes only. The tenth episode, featuring Gamora and a Sakaaran Iron Man, was pushed back into the second season.

So one episode has been already confirmed to centre around Gamora and Iron Man from the last episode of season one. Totalling to nine episodes in this season as well.

Who Will be back in What If Season 2?

Some news was revealed that this season will further develop the trust between The Watcher and Captain Carter. Also some recurring characters include Gamora, and Iron Man. Though not much is known about the cast, most fans are hoping to see the following characters;

The Inhumans

Marvel's Inhumans

Black Bolt was finally revealed in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, and since then, fans are hoping to see him along with his fellow Inhumans in any sort of way possible.


Wolverine MCU

Though the likelihood of getting an episode centred around the X-Men seems unlikely as they haven’t been properly introduced into the MCU (except of Charles Xavier), but hope still remains due to the high popularity of characters such as Wolverine, and Magneto.


Deadpool MCU

Well who wouldn’t want to see an un-killable lunatic fight everyone in a second season of What If…?. Still, it seems too good to be true.



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