What Is Acai Berry And What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

This berry has become quite popular recently, especially among those who are looking for natural foods and supplements that provide health benefits. While it looks something like a grape and resembles a blueberry the acai berry is used in ways quite different from those more traditional fruits.

It has been incorporated into energy drinks, juice drinks and even some granola bars and snacks.
The acai berry original came from a specific type of acai palm found in the forests of Brazil. Claims of all types have been made in connection with the acai berry, ranging from preventing cancer to increasing strength and prolonging life. Some have come to call it a super-food because it reportedly helps restore bone density for those with osteoporosis and contains enough fiber to improve body function.

advantages-and-disadvantages-of-acai-berry1Apparently, scientific studies show that the small acai berry can help in a weight loss programs and may actually destroy some cells that are part of the cancer process. People have also made this berry a regular part of their diet since it is believed to provide more value than blueberries or grapes. At least one doctor believes that the berry can actually cure some forms of cancer.

While the benefits of the acai berry are well publicized, on television, in magazine and newspaper advertisements and on the World Wide Web, some more cautious folks have tried to clarify the side effects. There are some issues about which people should be concerned, though it is generally agreed that even those with such conditions as hypertension need not be overly worried. In fact, some believe that the berry can help reduce hypertension conditions in some way.

Usually, the berry is considered wholesome and nutritious in all forms, whether as the original fruit, in juices or in energy bars, for example. Nutritionists urge caution when eating the berries as part of a manufactured product because other ingredients in the foods might cause minor problems for some individuals. These effects are generally not associated with the acai berry, however.

Research on the berry shows that the anti-oxidants in the pulp may help eliminate some toxins in the body that are ingested with manufactured foods and drinks. One particular study indicates that the berry might help remove some of the toxins in the bloodstream and blood vessels, thereby reducing overall blood pressure.

Other doctors have started to associate the acai berry and it benefits with having some effect on patients with leukemia, a blood-born form of cancer. Reportedly, the berry may help a person’s body fight the effects of leukemia, which effects white blood cells in the bone marrow and bloodstream.

As people continue to fight the outward appearance of aging and the internal effects of the same, they have turned to the acai berry for help. Individuals have reported improvement in skin smoothness and elimination of wrinkles after consistent use of the berry. Apparently, what was discovered by the native people of Brazil many years ago applies to the people of the 21st century as well.

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