What Is AIEEE?

This is an engineering exam specifically for those planning to enter certain colleges and institutes in India. The letters stand for All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). The fields of study for which the AIEEE is used are engineering, architecture, planning and pharmacy. Under the auspices of the Central Board of Secondary Education, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Ministry of Human Resource Development) AIEEE includes what the agency calls a “centralized counseling system.”

This particular exam is a bit different from some that students may be familiar with, simply because the AIEEE includes a paper on physics, chemistry and mathematics, and the second part on mathematics, aptitude and drawing. There are also questions given with four possible answer (multiple choice). The government agency in India that is responsible for conducting AIEEE testing emphasizes that those who cannot make a scheduled exam date will not be able to take the exam on another date.

Since the exam is based in India and is supervised by the nation’s government and its agencies, the AIEEE program is offered in English or Hindi. This choice must be stated on the individual’s application form and cannot be changed. The qualifications for taking the exam include the following instructions from the Central Board: “The minimum academic qualification for admission through AIEEE 2009 is a pass in the final examination of 10+2 (Class XII) or its equivalent referred to as the qualifying examination. Those appearing in 10+2 (Class XII) final or equivalent examination may also appear in AIEEE 2009 for consideration of provisional admission.” Anyone considering the AIEEE should be sure to understand any additional restrictions and guidelines as to who may take the test.

There are also some specific age and birth date restrictions that students should check into. Candidates for AIEEE must have been born on or after Oct. 1, 1984, though there are a few special conditions that will allow someone to take the exam if they were born on or after Oct. 1, 1979. These conditions and details are available on various exam Web sites and in printed material related to the exam.

Those individuals scheduled to take the exam are sent an admission card about one month before the dates of the test. The exam candidate is responsible for contacting the governing board if the card does not arrive by regular postal service by the set date. One of the keys to success on the AIEEE, according to the board and to those who have taken the exam is to prepare by becoming familiar with the test booklet and answer sheet. This is said to eliminate any surprises on the day of the exam. Once the testing is complete, the results are sent to the individual candidates. Scoring reports include specifics about the type of test taken and scores for each subject or section.

According to the Web site, the results will be sent to candidates on score cards in the last two weeks of June (for the exam just completed this spring, for example). If there are identical scores on any section, the older candidates receive preference.

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