What is difference between resume and CV?

As a job seeker people may always wonder that what the difference between Resume and CV. Some people may also have heard this question in their interviews and the fact is that only a very people know the exact answer. Well, if you are also facing this kind of doubt then this article may help you a little.

The difference
The most basic difference between CV (Curriculum vitae) and resume is about their length. A resume is actually a document of one or maximum two pages that summarizes a person’s experience, skills and education. On the other hand a CV is more detailed document in the same concern. CV is usually more than two pages in general. CV provide a description of person’s academic and educational background, his research/ work experience, his presentations, publications, honors, awards and other achievements.

In western world employers seek CV from the candidates appearing for the interview, but in eastern world Resume is more conventional to use for the same purpose.

In United States of America CV is an important requirement while applying for the fellowship or scholarship ion some university.

Now, next time when you hear the question about differentiation between CV and Resume, feel free to provide an exact and rational answer.

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