What Is Drug Addiction?

Since the creation of the Earth, human has been evolving further and further, has invented almost everything he requires, made drastic changes in lifestyle, elevated the degree of life and has changed the motto of life from simple living to live a life of luxury. Human has used his brain (a prodigy) to the most, but profuse of everything is bad. We have been using all the utilities but over use of them is inviting disasters. Excess dependency on any need leads to callous results. Although it is not wrong to take advantage of facilities but wrong lies in letting these facilities become our necessity.

We grow some of sort of greed for that thing and sudden removal of it makes the person to loose his inhibition and show his exhibition.

Today, we use all the luxury goods, have transport facilities and have medicines for ailments ranging from a headache to major ones.

When we become obsessive about these, then these utilities take our control out of our hands. Addiction can be termed as an excessive dependency, which may be physical or psychological.
Addiction may be of gambling, computers, drugs etc.

Drug addiction is most serious of all the addictions. Although drugs prove to be of medicinal value when we consume them in minute quantities (on doctor’s prescription) but when we use them in excess for the sake of enjoyment, this habit takes the form of Drug Addiction.

Drugs known to cause addiction include illegal drugs as well as prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Addictive drugs also includes umpteen substrates that are considered to be of no medicinal value and are not available in market nor prescribed by any doctor.

To be a drug addict means to be the one killing himself for the sake of himself. This problem is not only among the illiterates but virtual illiterates are also victims of it. Especially in India, this problem is causing havoc, is getting the hell out of addicts’ life.

Today’s youth is considered to be the future of India. They are building blocks of any nation. It is ignominious on their parts to ruin their and others life like this.

The problem of Drug Addiction is gathering pace and momentum because there is virtually no one to stop it. First blunder is what parents make; they never realize or endeavor to realize which direction their child has chosen and this negligence ruins their child’s life and future.

Secondly, police has not been able to cease the suppliers of these illegal drugs and for the same reason this supply has reached to apex and demand too. In advanced cities, drug parties are organized but very few of them were raided. Talking about underdeveloped cities, this filthy business has reached every nook and corner. It is always easy to be addicted but to come out of it is not every body’s cup of tea.

Taking drugs has become a fashion among youth; they think they are cool if they consume drugs. They do not know they are not cool but fool.

Umpteen families have been ruined, a number of young lads and lasses got deviated, futures ruined. This addiction not only destroys one’s life but it is a colossal bereavement to country also. What future one can expect of a country where slow killing poison is running through the veins of youth. This Drug Addiction has abated the literacy rate and has augmented the crime and death rate. This is not just one but a bunch of problems.

But if we kept squatting like couch potatoes, then that day is not far when there will be the rule of drugs and chaos over our lives and halcyon days will never come our way again. However, it is never too late, there should be awareness programs and parents specially should teach their children about the black holes of Drug Addiction, there should be a ban on the vendors of cigarettes and other intoxicants with in the range of 100m diameter of colleges and schools. There should be a check on the parties; patrolling officers should check the streets during night. Dramas, stage shows should be conduced, which will act as eye opener for the youth as well as adults.

More and more rehabilitation centers should be there for those who crave to get out of this hell but need help. Advertisements on television, radio and in newspapers should be given regarding harms of Drug Addiction. There should be a regular check on medical stores for selling illegal drugs.

However, it is always better to prevent a problem then to solve it, so better be careful, be aware and create awareness. Stay safe and away from drugs. Don’t go by what others do, go by what is right.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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