What Is Galvanometer?

is a great source of taking accurate electric current measurements since 19th century. Galvanometer is not a result of modern technology and it can not be characterized as latest machines, but it has been still in use to get accurate measurements of electricity. Galvanometer has a great history, and its history well explains its participation in the development of various measurement technologies.

Galvanometer Vs Ammeter
Galvanometer can be categorized as a type of an ammeter. Just like an Ammeter, Galvanometer is also concerned only about getting accurate measurements. But unlike ammeters, galvanometers don’t go for measurements of different type of energies. In fact, galvanometers can be used only to measure electric currents in various machineries and mechanical settings.

History of galvanometer
Name of the galvanometer is derived from the name of Luigi Galvani, who designed first manual of this instrument. But credit for the invention, goes to William Thomason, who worked for the improvement of the manual of this instrument in order to elaborate the uses of the instrument. According to a common believe, Mr. Andre-Marie Ampere also worked on the galvanometer, to add necessary changes in the instrument.

Uses of galvanometer

Galvanometer is actually used to have a measurement of flowing electric current. Galvanometer is actually an electromechanical transducer, which pays response to the current in 3 different ways- depending upon the strength of the current, depending upon the resistance or blockage in the flow of current and depending upon the rate of current flow. In 20th century it was a necessary requirement of any electrical based lab, to hold a galvanometer.

Galvanometer also has a great impact on the field of communications. Mirror galvanometers are proved to be ideal receivers in system of both trans-Atlantic and domestic telegraphs. Mirror galvanometers are those which use a mirror in stead of a metal pointer. In earlier days, galvanometer was having great use in medical science also. They were commercially used for positioning of the recording pens during a traditional ECG. Galvanometers are basis of lie detecting machines. A statement can be postulated as truth or false depending upon the deflections of galvanometer needle.

Current status of galvanometer and its uses
Technology is much more developed these days; this advanced technology has overtaken the importance of galvanometer. But, even these days, mirror galvanometers have great demands. Mirror galvanometers have great uses in the laser optical systems, because they act as great equipments for beam positioning. In labs, old galvanometers are still in use. They are excellent tools to teach students about various properties of electric current. No matter, in last few years the use of galvanometer has been decreased a lot, but still they can’t be ignored because they have great uses in many small applications of measurement technologies.

Moreover, galvanometer is an important practitioner tool in research labs. By means of galvanometer students learn about basic properties of current, its flow and various resistances and their effects on flow of current. Galvanometers also help to design a special safety guideline for a lab in which any sort of electrical work is going on.

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