What is Let’s Go Brandon?

Let’s go, Brandon! – a political slogan and Internet meme sparked a rash of sarcasm and mockery in recent months. In addition to being a crude political slogan, the phrase has also been adapted into a minced oath to refer to Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States. Here’s a closer look at this euphemism.

Let’s go, Brandon

What does 'Let's Go Brandon' mean?

The phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon” is a political slogan, Internet meme, and insult. It is also used as a minced oath to “Fuck Joe Biden,” the 46th president of the United States. However, let’s be realistic – how many times have you heard a politician use the phrase in public? Let’s take a look at how popular it is and why it’s been used in political speech.



Meaning of phrase

The meaning of the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” is a political one. It’s a misheard chant that is often used to express criticism or a signal to someone else. The phrase is also associated with Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. So, what is the real meaning behind the phrase? Let’s explore this meaning to find out more. Let’s go Brandon!

Meaning of meme

Let's go Brandon - Imgflip

The “Let’s go Brandon” meme has become a controversial topic among right-wing groups and the media. It is often seen tacked on to photos of skyrocketing fuel costs and conservative commentary. The phrase is gaining popularity thanks to its creators on the right, but what’s behind the rise of this controversial phrase? Let’s look at some of the reasons behind the meme’s growth.





Meaning of euphemism

The euphemism “Let’s go Brandon” has become a popular political slogan and Internet meme. The phrase was made famous by the NRA and congressmen after a controversial incident involving Joe Biden and his vaccine mandate. It has also become a popular emoji in the world of pop culture. What is the meaning behind the phrase? Here are some examples.

Meaning of slogan

Let's go Brandon″, a frase que se transformou num insulto a Biden

The phrase “Let’s go Brandon” has a meaning beyond baseball. Its popularity grew several months ago when Southwest Airlines cancelled tons of flights amid suspicion that Biden was pushing a vaccine mandate. Then congressmen and the NRA jumped on the bandwagon by posting videos and memes that incorporated the slogan. In no time, the phrase has entered the popular lexicon. Even a song featuring the phrase has charted on iTunes.







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