What Is Live Stock?

Live stock is defined as a use of domestic animals so that house hold products like food, textiles, labor can be obtained. It includes horses, pigs, cows, sheep etc. Man and live stock have existed together for time immemorial. The rise of agriculture has played an important role in it. Live stock has different meanings. It has become a life style for most of the agriculturists.

Live stock means collection of living beings that denotes domestic animals. Domestic animals are quite different from wild animals. These domestic animals are breaded by humans. It is very difficult for domestic animals to survive in the environment which is dominated by wild animals. As they are smaller in size and are hesitant to attack other animals. Domestic animals have very few species of wild animals while semi wild have more variety of wild animals. These domestic animals are primarily raised for food. Food items include egg, milk, meat and dairy products. Pig is the only domestic animal which is used for animal food. These animals also contribute to production of farm products and manure. For example, sheep contribute to wool production. They also serve as pet animals. Some animals are of multipurpose use like horses are used for sports, as a work animal and as eatable.

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