What Is The Best Bird Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

There are many choices in the game, but which bird Pokemon is best? The best bird in Pokemon GO is Altaria. This powerful Pokemon is also known as the “Humming Pokemon” due to its soprano voice. This article will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each and how to choose the best one. Let’s take a look! Here are some tips on which bird Pokemon you should use. And if you’re still not sure, check out the video below to see which Pokemon is better:


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If you’ve been looking for a great bird pokemon, look no further than Hawlucha. Though small, Hawlucha’s fighting capabilities are formidable. It can keep up with even big-boppers, such as Staraptor and Machamp. Its moveset is varied, and it can sweep opponents with moves like Unburden, Sword Dance, and Flying Press.

In OU, Hawlucha’s attack stats and speed are unparalleled. It has a firm attack status and incredible speed, which are perfect for bouncing around stages. It can even recover itself, making it great against walls. While it can’t break the toughest walls without boosts, Hawlucha is absolutely amazing when it has all of its abilities. So, if you’re looking for a bird that can break even the toughest walls, Hawlucha is definitely a good choice.

Another great bird is Altaria. It has great stats and an awesome design. Mega Altaria is even better than its regular form. It can even beat most of the pokemon on this list. It’s a legendary bird, and its strength and speed make it a powerful choice. So if you’re looking for a bird that can fight with you, consider Altaria! It has great stats and a surprisingly beautiful voice.


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As the first bird type in Pokemon GO, Yveltal is a good choice for any team looking to add some variety to their lineup. Although its movepool is relatively small, it provides great versatility, giving it an edge over most legendary birds. This bird can be caught in five-star raids, and its Sucker Punch attack is one of the best in the game. In addition to its power, Yveltal is also extremely flexible, making it a great choice for the Pokémon GO mobile game.

Yveltal is a massive bird, with both draconic and avian characteristics. It has a pointed beak, bright blue eyes, and a black forward-curving horn over each eye. It also has thin antenna-like growths behind each eye. The rest of its body is small and bird-like with gray talons and two toes facing forward and the other two facing back.

If you are planning to use Yveltal in the Ultra League, you should make sure it has the appropriate moves. Hurricane and Gust are the two best Quick Moves and DPS for Yveltal, but they both require a great deal of energy. You should also use Dark Pulse or Focus Blast if you’re using a Flying Pokemon. Moreover, Yveltal can make a great Dark job spice, so if you’re playing in Ultra League, you’ll need to use Snarl/Hurricane, and Hyper Beam for Main Moves, which both consume less energy than Hurricane.


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There are many great Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, but Staraptor is among the most popular. The Normal/Flying type pokemon defied expectations, gaining popularity and becoming one of the most advantageous Generation IV Pokemon. We’ll take a look at some of the reasons why. Read on to discover which bird Pokemon are best for your deck. We’ve highlighted the most powerful of them.

This aggressive Pokemon doesn’t back down easily, and will fight opponents several times its size. This bird is also a loner, often carrying other small Pokemon in its talons. Its wing and leg muscles are very powerful, and it can easily outpace opponents. You can choose this bird for the game based on its stats and how well it fights. You’ll find it a good choice for Cool Contests.

While the basic moveset is relatively weak, it makes up for it by being extremely versatile. It can change strategies on the fly and bring different combos into battle. Although it doesn’t have a great STAB, it’s able to deal some damage with its specialized attack. However, the downside is that it has a low PP, which makes it ineffective in defending against pressure Pokemon like Zapdos.

Yveltal vs. Staraptor

When considering which of the two bird Pokemon is the better choice for a team, it’s important to consider how the different types of attacks stack up in battle. Fortunately, both types are strong against a variety of different types. While both birds are capable of amazing speed, Yveltal has the advantage of being more versatile. Despite its limited speed, Yveltal has a wide range of attack and defense moves, which makes it a good choice for a teammate or trainer.

The first Pokemon in our list is the Staraptor, a General IV Normal/Flying bird with an enviable coif and smart design. The Staraptor’s ATK is 230 while its DEF is 145, and it can execute most of the common bird movements. It can also use its attack bonus, Giga Impact, to deal additional damage and use other moves like Roost and Toxic.

The second Pokemon is the Braviary, which looks like an eagle. This Pokemon has good attack stats, but it’s also very aggressive, especially against Ghost-type Pokemon. It also has good moves, including Brave Bird, Air Slash, and Thrash. The final bird in the list, the Staraptor, debuted in Generation IV. It’s a Dual-type Pokemon and is the final evolution of Starly. It has wings, which enable it to attack larger foes with its powerful legs and wings.

Pidgeot vs. Pidgeot

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The best way to beat a Pidgeot is to use one of the following moves: – Intimidate. Pidgeot’s offensive stats are not very high, so it is hard to deal major damage with it. However, its 120 base power STAB attack can cause a dent. This means that Pidgeot can be used against most other Pokemon.

This Pokemon is one of the largest and most beautiful birds in the game. It is based on a bird of prey, which is probably why it is so similar to its counterpart, Pidgeotto. It has large plumage and a long streamer-like crest, four red tail feathers, and a cream-colored underbelly. Its black markings are near both eyes, and its wing-span is quite large.

The best moveset for a Pidgeot is Gust, which is a slashing move that slashes the enemy’s wings. As for the most effective charge move, Brave Bird is a decent option. Unlike Gust, this move is vulnerable to self-debuffs. But it does not do much damage.


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The best bird Pokemon in the game is the Rufflet. This Eaglet bird is known for its bravery, and is able to take on opponents twice its size! The weird vibe of this bird is a big factor in the Pokemon’s popularity! Once hatched, Rufflet challenges its parent to a battle to prove itself! The CPs of Rufflet are extremely important for making the perfect raid and hatch.

A Normal/Flying type, Rufflet has a Keen Eye ability that prevents it from missing an attack. It is the largest of the birds, and weighs nearly ten kilograms (23 lbs). This Pokemon is the only bird with a single level of defense, and it can take on any foe without fear. It is also the largest bird, standing at only 0.5 meters (1’08”) tall.

Unlike many other types of birds, Rufflet is the only bird that wears a bowtie. Its name is a reference to its bowtie-wearing appearance. The adorable round Pokemon will eventually evolve into a more serious look. The Blade Quill Pokemon, Dartrix, has decent offensive capabilities. It also has the Overgrow ability, which lets it overgrow to become Decidueye. This Pokemon looks more like an Assassin than a Pokemon!




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If you’ve ever played the game Pokémon, you’ve probably come across the legendary bird Pokemon, Zapdos. This bird is also known by its French name, “Electhor.” Its name was based on the popular Norse god, Thor. In Norse mythology, this god is associated with lightning and thunder. In Marvel comics, he’s known as the Asgardian God of Thunder.

While Zapdos lacks the bulk of Articuno, it makes up for this lack of bulk with strong Special stats and a decent resistence to Electric attacks. At level 51, Zapdos learns Thunder, and it also knows the two-party Flying move, Thunder Wave. This makes Zapdos a versatile choice that offers many options in battle.

Despite being a Legendary Pokemon, Zapdos has some significant weaknesses. Although it’s an excellent flying Pokemon, its electric attacks can be dangerous. Those attacks are very effective against flying-type counterparts. Zapdos has an average of 79th across all three divisions. Zapdos has a lower HP but higher defense than Articuno, so it’s a good choice for teams that plan to use it in battle.


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