What Species Of Dogs Are Most Dangerous?

(1) Pit Bulls: Pit bull is a term used to refer to the dogs belonging to the molosser family. The dogs are notorious for ripping people to death and they are highly sought after by people who make their dogs participate in dog fighting. Like lions, they don’t take out their teeth from their prey, until it is dead.
(2) Bull Terrier: The English Bull Terrier is promptly recognisable because of its egg- shaped head. Generally, the temperament of the dog is fun-loving and clownish but it is capricious too. its behaviour is very unpredictable and erratic. The average height of a Bull Terrier is between 51 – 61 cm and they weight between 20 – 38 kg. Because of its ferociousness, the Bull Terrier is also known as the gladiator of the canine race.
(3) Rottweilers: These dogs have lower hunting instincts. Rottweilers were mainly used to protect herds; nowadays, they are employed in search and rescue missions. Rottweilers make great guard dogs and they occasionally get aggressive because of their territorial instincts.
(4) English Bulldogs: The gloomy looks of their face may give the impression of their being indolent but that is far from reality. An English bulldog is often called stubborn and although the species is a bit clowny, they would not hesitate to go to extremes if they find their owner threatened.
(5) Perro de Presa Canario: The dogs are large-sized and have thick and muscular bodies. These dogs require a dominating owner and they make excellent guard dogs. Their lifespan is around 8-12 years and they are not recommended for first-time dog owners. Dogs of this breed require a daily pace walk and experts recommend that the dog should never lead the person holding it. Exercise is a must for this dog; it is not always possible to keep them in the apartments.
(6) Tibetan Mastiff: This ancient breed has been used for centuries by the nomadic people in central Asia. These dogs are very aggressive and ferocious and their unpredictable behaviour makes them difficult to train. Despite all this, this breed is very obedient and faithful to their masters. These dogs are used as flock guardian dogs in Tibet and they are famous for their ability to confront wolves, leopards and even tigers to protect the flock. They often sleep during the day. A more westernised breed of Tibetan Mastiff is less aggressive and easy going.
(7) German Shepherds: They are a relatively new breed of dog. German shepherds appeared on the scene only in 1899 when Max von Stephanitz bought a newly bred dog at a dog show and named it ‘Deutscher Schäferhund’. The dogs are famous for their intelligence and strength. German shepherds are often employed by the police and the military around the world for their obedient nature.
(8) Doberman Pinschers: They are medium size dogs and according to Stanley Coren, a psychologist, the Doberman pinschers are the fifth most intelligent of all dogs. It has also been found that these dogs have a life span of around 10-14 years and they aren’t very aggressive towards humans.
(9) Huskies: Huskies were mainly used as sled dogs in the Northern regions. The locals called them ‘eskie’, which was later corrupted into ‘husky’. These dogs are intelligent but they are not considered as good guard dogs. Huskies normally have different coloured eyes to protect them from excessive cold or heat.

(10) Chow Chow: The sweet-looking physique of the dog may hide its ferociousness but don’t go by its looks. The dog originated in China and the Chinese call it a ‘puffy-lion dog’. The dogs are the most commonly kept pets. The dogs rank 77 among the dog breeds, when it comes to the intelligence.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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