What The Ten Most Popular Unsolved Mysteries?

(1) The Piri Reis Map: It is map made by the Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis during the 16th century. The map shows the Western Europe and other regions with reasonable accuracy but there is a peculiarity in the map – it depicts a map of Antillia and certain regions of Antarctica.

(2) Angel Fire: Angel threads are a world-wide phenomenon. Angel fire is a made up of silken threads that appear to come down and vanish before one’s eyes. There are many explanations but none appears to be satisfying.

(3) Arc of the Covenant: The arc remains one of the most coveted archaeological adventures. The Jews believe that Moses received ten revelations from the God inscribed on a stone and later built a structure to keep the stone. That structure is known as the Arc of the Covenant.

(4) Out-of-place metal objects: Workers working for an electric company in France in 1912 stumbled upon an egg-shaped metal object. The object in which the metal object was found was 65 million years old.

(5) Peculiar Fossils: There are fossils like the fingerprint of a human or the fossil of a human footprint which are not possible but they do exist. For example the fossil of human footprint wearing a sandal has been found which appears to be 300 – 600 million years old. Why they exist still remains a mystery?

(6) Oera Linda Book: The book is a Frisian manuscript which reflects on the history of mankind. The book came to light in the 19th century and it is said to be an old book by the curator. Sceptics don’t take the book very seriously and think of it as a hoax but the book continues to enjoy popularity.

(7) Stone Balls of Costa Rica: The stone balls were accidentally discovered in the 1930s when some workers clearing banana plantations stumbled upon them. The balls vary in size – as small as a tennis ball to giant 16 ton balls. It is not clear why and how the ancients built these stones.

(8) The Inca Stones: The stones were discovered in the vicinity of a village in Peru and Dr. Javier Cabera owns more than a thousand of these stones. Some believe that the stones belong to the ancient Inca civilisation while others consider it a hoax. Most of the stones depict erotic pictures but some of them clearly show the images of dinosaurs.


(9) The Dropa Stones: The stones were discovered in 1938 by an expedition team led by the professor Chi Pu Tei of Beijing University. The stones are big discs and they are thought to be 10,000 – 12,000 years old. There are characters etched on the stones which tell a story of the aliens visiting the planet.

(10) The Grooved Spheres: Also known as ‘Klerksdrop Spheres’, they are found in South Africa. The shape of these mysterious substances range from being perfectly spherical to disc shaped. The origin of these spheres is still not known and what intrigues the scientists is that the rock in which these spheres are found is more than 2.3 billion years old.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

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