Which Animals Belong To The Cat Family?

This fact is known to all that the lion and the cat resemble each other in several respects. The animals like lion, tiger, puma, panther, cheetah, wild cat etc. belong to cat family according to life sciences and we call them as felines. They resemble each other by their nature and physical appearance.

We can see the animals of cat family in the whole world. They have sharp teeth which help them in piercing the bodies of their preys. The animals of cat family have padded claws therefore no sound is produced by them when they move. We can domesticate the young ones of these animals whereas when they grow they become man eater because of different reasons.

The lions are mostly found in the jungles of India and Africa. The height of a lion is one meter and its length is up to 2 meters. At a time, about two to four cubs are born by a lioness. The height of the tiger is also about 1 meter and its length is up to 2 meters, whereas the length of the Siberian tiger reaches up to 4 meters. It is mostly found in countries of Asia and is consider as the biggest animal of cat family. Generally the tigers are of light brown, black and white colored and have black strips on their body. Normally two to six cubs are born by the female tigers. The panther has 60 cm height and 1.5 m length.

It is mostly found in Asia and Africa and is very strong. Leopard can easily climb up a tree and is powerful animal. It is also found in Asia and Africa. Cheetah also belongs to cat family and it runs very fast with the speed of 110 km per hour.

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