Which Animals Live The Longest?

Some animals have long life whereas the others live only for a few years. Though, there are many stories about the long life of animals yet they do not present the truth. The elephant has the longest life among all the mammals. The elephants lived for 150 to 200 years in many stories but there is no documentary proof in support of this. According to the written records, the longest living elephant died at the age of more than sixty years. Other animals like horses have lived for more than 50 years. The information about the maximum life of some other mammals are hippopotamus 41years, rhinoceros 40 years, bear 34 years, cat 23 years, dog 22 years, monkey 20 years. In case of birds, parrot and eagle are said to have the longest life. Eagles lived for 55 years, whereas parrots lived for 54 years. Pelican lives the life of 51 years. The life of smaller birds like sparrow is 23 years, cardinal 30 years, canary 22 years, starling 17 years. The life of some carp fish is 25 years. The life of American eel and cat fish has found to be 50 and 60 years respectively.The tortoise has the longest life among all the animals. It is said by some scientist that a tortoise named Mauritus lived for 200 years. It is expected that the American tortoise named Carolina will live for 123 years.

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