Which Are Warm And Cold Blooded Creatures?

We can classify the living beings into two categories- the cold blooded and warm blooded due to their body temperature. The body temperature of cold blooded creatures keeps on changing according to the surroundings.

In summer season the body temperature of cold blooded creatures become high and it becomes low in winter. It changes even in a single day, as it is less in the morning and high in the afternoon. Snakes, tortoise, frog and some varieties of fish come under the category of cold blooded animals. The body temperature of these animals falls down in winter, so as to live alive they go to their holes in the earth. If they do not go to their holes, their blood will become cold and they will die and that is why these animals sleep during the winter season in their holes and this period is known as ‘hibernation’ period. During this period they do not get food and their physical growth get slowed down. After the period of hibernation, when they come out from their holes they look very weak.

On the other hand the body temperature of warm blooded creatures remains stable. Bat, cow, man, cock, cat dog etc. come under the category of warm blooded creatures. Their body temperature is not affected by their surroundings. We all know that the body temperature of man is 98.4° F, bat-104° F, cow-101° F, and cock- 101° F, cat-101.6 ° F, and dog-102 ° F. The warm blooded creatures need more energy to keep their body temperature constant thus they consume more food. Their physical growth occurs normally. In their body some special organs control their body temperature and they prevent the body temperature from falling below or beyond a normal level.

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