Which Medicines Are Obtained From Animals?

There are millions of different types of animals have been studied by the scientists. Many useful things like milk, meat, eggs etc. are obtained by these animals. Medicines are also obtained by these animals for the treatment of many diseases. Let us study which medicines are obtained from animals.

A medicine named ‘Epinepherin’ was discovered in 1904. This medicine is taken out from the adrenal glands of pigs and cats and is used for the treatment of heart diseases. It is also called ‘adrenalin’.

Asthamatic patients also use this medicine. Thyroxin is a medicine, which is obtained from the cat’s thyroid gland. Diseases of thyroid gland can be treated by this medicine. The famous medicine named ‘Insulin’ is obtained from the pancreas gland of pigs and cats. This medicine is used for the treatment of diabetes. Sexual diseases of human beings are being cured by the sex harmones obtained from animals. Vaccines are also obtained from the animals for the treatment of many diseases. From the kidneys of monkeys, polio virus is taken out to prepare polio vaccine. In the field of medical sciences, animals are very useful as the toxicity and efficacy of medicines are first tested on them. When the medicine cures the animals and then is ready for human use and is put in the market.

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